What do you want to see that's not already available?


What would you like to see in the keyboard community that no manufacturers or vendors are offering yet? Also what would you like to see more of in the keyboard community? If there’s something you like but their aren’t many options or it is hard to obtain.

For me currently the things I’d like to see that aren’t currently offered are switches with tactile leafs that are mx compatible and probably an ortho topre board. The things I’d like to see more options for are probably ortho boards as well as key sets with both ortho and colevrak kits.


What do you mean exactly by that? With the recent influx of Panda clones, Holy Pandas from MD, Zeal be, KBDFans T1, etc… There are currently a lot of hyper tactile switches available. While this is always a combination of leaf + stem, the leafs on these housings are all decidedly more tactile.


Switches that produce tactility with an extra leaf like alps instead of a stem notch like mx switches, this method is better imo.


What would you like to see in the keyboard community that no manufacturers or vendors are offering yet?

A couple of ideas:

  1. Topless keycaps - meaning just the stem topped with a flat platform. It can be used to make custom keycaps out of anything using crazyglue.
  2. Tall switch tops - for longer key travel. Change Zealios V2 switch from bump at top to bump at middle.

  1. Solid (or—dare I dream—Endgame) full-size/1800 options with some of the bells and whistles we’re starting to see more and more often on smaller boards (interesting materials, hotswap, SMD LEDs, USB-C). Gaming brands with cringey to in-poor-taste marketing still have pretty much the entire the full-size space
  2. More cheap sandwich-case builds with, say, hotswap sockets to make it easier for community members to try different layouts without having to scrimp and save for something quality
  3. A simple way for creators to figure out how well their stuff is doing on the aftermarket to assess when it makes sense to do another round of manufacturing

  • 66% - %68 Optical switch PCB preferably with FR4 or Acrylic plate.

  • FR4 or Acrylic FC660C plate.

  • A coiled cable that is Chyrosran22 approved.


Ah ok, got it. Thanks for the clarification!


Bakelite keycaps.


Gimme the option for a tungsten case. I want a 60% that weighs 20 pounds.


A keyboard oriented prototyping house similar to laserboost, but for making prototype aluminum & polycarb cases.


I think you’re on to something there :thinking:


More weight = more quality amirite?


More backlit keycaps with a non-gamer font.


doubleshot pbt SA profile caps

more qmk rgb effects for smd rgb leds (specific key activation) e.g. I have a campfire artisan I would love to individually set an led flicker effect for


A modern version of complicated ALPS that uses a cruciform mount so MX caps can be used with them. I’d prefer to see a clone with sliders & top housings similar to the Nexus ones Blindassassin designed as I think the smaller tactile/click leaves you’d have to use to fit a similar mechanism in an MX style housing would heavily affect the feel. Although MX style switches with a complicated ALPS mechanism would be awesome if the feel could be gotten close to OG complicated ALPS. Maybe using a thicker tactile/click leaf could make up for what I think we’d lose with smaller sized leaves?


I’m working on this. :slight_smile: It’s crazy that we haven’t solved this as a community, but the barrier to entry is pretty significant.


I totally agree with this. For some reason, I think that I’d prefer switches with a much longer keytravel, like maybe double of normal MX-switches. It wouldn’t be very practical for typing, but I think the feel would be much better.


I think 1 extra mm is the most we can get because there is a limit to how far keycap stem can be inserted into switch housing.


It’s like people forgot that Alps SKCC, Commodore keebs, and beamspring exists. :wink:

For real, I really like SKCC but the travel is still 3.5mm ±0.5mm even though the switches are like 3x the height of an MX switch.

Taller tops would be cool, but you’re still limited by the internal rail and contact engagement.


Compact 1800 Style Layouts on Keyboards.