What grade of aluminum for cutting a switch plate?

What is the typical grade of aluminum used for switch plates? I’ve used laser-cut 5052-H32 switch plates before but in my experience 5052 bends too easily and is not firm like other aluminum plates I’ve used. Am I wrong about 5052-grade aluminum?

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laserboost uses 5754

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Thank you! Looks like they’re fairly similar materials. Maybe I’m just being choosey. :thinking:

A lot of stuff that’s made in China is 6063 (afaik this is at least partially due to it being highly compatible with anodization). I’ve also heard that Carolina Mech uses 6061 since they keep their manufacturing in the US and apparently 6063 is hard to come by in North America.

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I believe that’s right. 6000 series is good for anodizing, from what I’ve seen for cases in n past group buys. The 5754 is supposed to be good for sand blasting or brushing to a finish.