What happened to TopClack?

They had nice and concise weekly text based summaries of IC/GB that took all of 30 seconds to read. They haven’t updated since 11/22. Anyone know if they’ll start weekly text summaries again or should I look elsewhere for weekly text news summaries?



Your closest bet would be to open up the descriptions on youtube where they list out all of their links.

I also do a weekly show called This Week in Keyboards that has been on Hiatus but will return Monday the 6th. I also usually have all of my sources listed in the details.


Thanks, wasn’t aware of that. Added it to my feedreader. :slight_smile:

Maybe you try the “Contact us” link on their site and ask them. Granted, that’s very direct and asking here to see if information about this already popped up somewhere else is probably better initially.

Haven’t found any such lists or descriptions in their channel or the one video I clicked on to see if there are any links in its description.

Well, the original question wasn’t about lengthy and time consuming video shows but about a very short summary.

That’s my bad. I was going through a lot of medical issues and was falling behind in TC stuff. I will fix very soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

EDIT: Should be up to date now. I always think nobody uses the website, so I’m glad to see someone getting use out of it. :slight_smile:


I’m generally not a fan of super long videos either but iirc that one is pretty good

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It seems perfect for people fearing to miss a GB. That way you don’t have to check the IMHO cumbersome Geekhack all the time.

I’m subscribed via RSS2Email since @snarfel’s posting and got a bunch of mails with GB links today. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Thank you, sir! Consider stopping by a stream sometime too if you can! <3


Love the weekly summary too. Saves so much time from having to scour Geekhack and other sites I may not be familiar with.


That is really cool, just watched your new “This Week in Keyboards”, so happy you are doing those again, thanks for the great stuff you put out there!


Well, Manofinterests’ last show is 12mins, last topclack’s one was 3h… not saying one is better or worse, but I think it’s definitely valid to point out that there are midway alternatives for people that don’t have the time to watch 3h but still like the video format…


I’m not arguing about super long videos but about the different time efficiency of the different formats (blog vs vlog) in general.

That’s my point: 12 minutes video vs 30 seconds reading the summary in TopClack’s blog feed which the OP mentioned. :slight_smile:

Anyway, since there was so much praise of both vlogs, I’ll probably give both a try.

Already noticed that TopClack built a Keyhive Nightmare. And since I recently built one, too, and not everything went good, I’m curious to see if other experienced similar issues. (Very varying stability of the 3D-printed stand-offs: Had to glue one back in as the plastic broke by torsion. And broke off the screw head in another.) Then again, I don’t think I’ll really watch the full two hours… So 12 minutes of @Manofinterests sounds much more tempting.

Then again, I must admit: Reading TopClack’s Weekly feed entries might take 30 seconds, but checking all the links might take more time. :slight_smile:

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I like to believe there are merits to all options. Only have a minute or two to browse, our weekly news section should set you straight very quickly. You want a relatively short and well-produced video by a very experienced enthusiast? @Manofinterests’ “This Week in Keyboards” is as good as it gets! You want something longer, in-depth, where you can interact with some experienced enthusiasts and cultivate discussion? Top Clack’s weekly news show could be for you. :slight_smile:


I hope you’re feeling better @Quakemz!


Thanks! Doing a little better now. :slight_smile:


Glad your health is improving! I think a database, but embedded and web-accessible like Airtable, might be a nice resource. Relational, for all layouts, profiles, people, interest checks, etc. Like a data-focused deskthority. Might just have to build it myself :slight_smile: