What, if anything, do you listen to when you are working on keyboard projects?


I’m surprised this it isn’t this


Also great soundtracks. I listen to these regularly.


Demetori and Touhou tends to be my go-to music for grinding through things, so I imagine that’s what i’d be listening to:


Metal, metal, & more metal! :metal: Been listening to a lot of Megadeth, Trivium, Lamb of God, & Iron Maiden lately for specific bands.


Top clack ,as well as other keyboard related vods or twitch streams , most often Day9 or Loading Ready Run, Megan and TinyTee who make artisans ,DeadEncryption and Atari Zero if they are on, one or two others but in general a mixture of gaming and keyboard related streams


Streams if they’re live or Keebtown if I missed it. WCRB is my classical fix. Pandora has my Jazz (Mingus, Monk, Adderly) and my guilty pleasure 1999-2004 dance music. Spotify has a bunch of rap and hip hop and beats and some soundtracks. I have local files for funk and soul and punk that predates the Sex Pistols and some synthesizer influences and lots more soundtracks. YouTube has some weeb shit and is helpful if I’m indecisive.


Speed runs. Mostly 8 bit and 16 bit games.


For whatever weird reason I listen to 90s R&B/Hip Hop on Pandora. It’s the only time I listen to that genre. Keyboards must trigger some weird 90s nostalgia in my brain or something.


I usually listen to a random playlist on Spotify. Usually hip-hop, low-fi or some relaxing electronic stuff.


Huge synthwave addict here!
Mostly instrumental acid house, synthwave, darkwave or chillwave.

Here’s an acid EP I discovered recently, sounds like a space trip:

However I sometimes listen to post-black-metal when I’m not ok…


I find Lo-fi japanese hiphop to be very satisfying and fitting to listen to while messing around with my keebs


This is actually really nice, I like it. :relaxed:


If I’m doing work for someone else and needing to get it done, I’ll usually listen to instrumentals by Antti Luode. He has a torrent somewhere I think of all his stuff released for free under creative commons licensing. They’re good background music that can be there to distract from other things going on around you but not distracting enough (usually) to pull you out of the work. I find I work faster with tedious things while listening to instrumentals. Google Drive Link to 1790 Instrumental songs. His Blog.

When doing it for fun or myself, I have Movies/TV/Youtube on and relax and take my time (usually a lot longer than if I buckle down and get it done)