What, if anything, do you listen to when you are working on keyboard projects?

Out of curiosity, what, if anything, do ya’ll listen to when you are working on your keyboard projects?

I have noticed that I tend to play the Kung Fury soundtrack when I’m working on keyboard builds.


Usually I listen to either Kamasi Washington or Harvey Sutherland! They’re my two favourite (albeit quite different) artists to listen to while I’m working on something.

usually some sort of metal or hard rock, but from time to time I listen to a bit of meganeko, FantomenK, Tras80 or some mix of ska punk.


Mostly Netflix, something I already watched or one of my favorite movies so I don’t have to pay attention to the screen :slight_smile:

Mainly chillhop and fighting game live-streams.

Usually vinyl (any genre) if what I’m doing allows me to get up to flip it every 15 minutes. If not I’ll throw on a stream/VOD of a build or keyboard chores from the usual suspects

Usually music. Sometimes jazz or synthwave.

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Mostly music.
I’m a music kinda guy so that’s what I use.

Jazz, lo fi hip hop, anime music, electronic, and various mixes of each of these genres and their respective subgenres.

Always end up listening to audiobooks, somehow.

Soundcloud rap always

Erm. Mostly topClack keyboard chores or jaekeebs!

Very interesting mix. Do you all put something on as background noise to help you concentrate or to kill the monotony of say, lubing switches?

For most things, I’ll have a YouTube video playing. Look for long ones, 10-45 minutes, that way I don’t have to go looking for the next one.

For desoldering, mostly I just listen to myself swear off ever desoldering again mixed in with a string of profanities.


Anything by Ryan Dorin (https://ratboygenius.bandcamp.com/)

Audio books or some metal.

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lo-fi hip-hop beats to relax/study to

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Guardians of the galaxy vol.1 & vol.2 - BSO

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Man, do I love the Outrun genre, and the Kung Fury soundtrack in particular. Very appropriate for keyboard messing-around, in my opinion. If you have Spotify, here is a playlist of similar (slightly less tongue-in-cheek) music that I quite enjoy.


Sweet, I will check out that playlist. My SO thinks Kung Fury is stupid, but she admits the soundtrack is A1. It’s easily one of my favorite soundtracks.