What is on your desk today?

I dare not ask how much…

Hi norbauer, do you have any Heavy 6 Royal Wrinkle?

MT3 on Topre is heaven. ENJOY! Looks great, too.


A colleague keyboard on my desk, just to check that it is working before packing it.
Some of the switches were not working anymore (Greetek browns, are they supposed to be any good?), so I soldered Cherry Reds silents instead.
Tuned the stabilizers as they were super woobly in the plate; with 4 layers of electric tape they are not moving anymore.
Also lubed them and no more rattle.
Didn’t went to switch lubing, kindof scratchy as of now but things will improve once used for a while; it will be enough for a non initiated :wink:


Good mod. I’ve done it myself and it helps tremendously with costar rattle!


Mojo60 e-White, Maxkey Ninja, Gateron Ink Yellows, CF Plate, DZ60.

Surprisingly, one of my best sounding keyboards. The combination of the CF plate, the Inks, the solid alu case, and the SA keycaps makes it sounds crisp and poppy.

Album: https://imgur.com/a/eL1NLnq


A big mess is on my desk today!

I’m debating if I should clear out the space on my bench and backboard to put my monitor against the back.


I think it would help make the look a lot cleaner overall. The lost backboard storage space will give you plenty more work space that you will come to appreciate a lot more!

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the solution is clearly a bigger desk :wink:

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Fortunately everything that is currently behind the monitor in the pic is pretty easy to move on the sides.

I’ve brainstormed a better alternative though! I’m going to get a few more L brackets to have a better mount for the backboard and top portion against the wall behind.

I’ll be grabbing a monitor wall arm and actually mounting it on the top part and have the monitor hang down from there. The monitor and mounting equipment shouldn’t be too heavy, so using some L brackets for support should do the trick. This will also still allow the outlets in the back to be easily accessible and give me some backboard room near the bottom.

Bad Diagram included:


Alas, I have been sold out of that finish for quite a while. I only have left in stock those few finishes currently on my site, and not very many of those either.


Been preparing for my keyboard valentine’s day…

NSFW (Depending on your sensibilities)
Text description: Keyboard Shibari
So that may or may not be NSFW for you :man_shrugging: but better safe than sorry.
Photo Album


Haha awesome :laughing:

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The domo-kun tho!!!:joy:

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Oh… my!

We should have a meetup at your place to help you cleanup the desk


S75 with Modern Dolch these days.


It’s back!

This is the Durgod Hades 68 that I spilled coffee on a couple months back. At the time it had Gateron silent browns… they are now extra-brown. And sticky. I may or may not have the patience to salvage those… anywho - I swapped in some Gateron Silent Inks and I don’t think I could be more happy with them. This was also my first ever soldering job - there were a couple dicey moments (like when I accidentally pulled out one of the traces with a switch - resolved with a bit of extra wire as a jumper), but everything is back in place and working as it should. (Yay!)

I took the opportunity to band-aid mod all the stabs, which I’m also quite happy about. Given the thick aluminum construction and the Cherry profile caps, this little guy isn’t as quiet as my other work board - but plenty quiet enough - and much better-feeling. After a couple weeks with these silent Inks I’ll add them to my post comparing silent switches.

This was a cool learning experience and I’m glad to have the practice under my belt now, but…

Don’t be like me. Keep your coffee far away from your keebs.


Nice job for your first soldering project! You kinda jumped into the deep end believe it or not as 99% of prebuilt boards use lead free solder that requires higher temps & is much harder to work with compared to leaded solder. So since you got through this without bricking the PCB (don’t feel bad about the lifted pad, bound to happen doing what you did without much experience, in fact just one is actually really good!), you should have a much easier time from here on out! Especially with just a brand new build where you don’t have to desolder anything. Congrats man looks awesome with Nines! :+1:


Thanks! Honestly I think I lucked out on this one - the solder was much easier to melt on this keyboard than it was on the broken controller I was attempting to use for practice! I definitely got my learn on with this project, and it has me thirsty for more.

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