What is on your desk today?

Thought it would be neat to start some sort of a regular “what are you actively using right now?” sort of thread. We already have a “post your awesome keyboards!” thread, but pics of people’s coolest boards and pics of people’s every day go-to setup are likely to be quite different. Additionally as people swap out boards their setup will change. I don’t know if it is best to do a new thread on a regular cadence, or just to have people post again in here as their setup changes, but I am envisioning this as something of a “What Are You Wearing Today?” kind of thing.

Anyway, I’ll kick us off here.

Today I’m rocking my round 5 minivan (even though Evan says he doesn’t do “rounds” anymore) with 62g zealios and GMK 9009. Also a CST trackball that I haven’t started modding yet.


I don’t want to hate on your idea at all and I love sharing and seeing good stuff. Having said that, we have post your keyboards, post your kustoms, a place to introduce yourself. I have a feeling this would be more of the same.


Think of it more like a photoshoot vs a selfie. “Post your Keyboards” is like posting the best few pics from a professional photoshoot (and Post Your Kustoms is just an even higher level version of that), while the intent of this is to be like a quick selfie first thing in the morning. They are similar concepts insofar as they are both threads for pictures of boards, but the pictures to come out of each thread are likely to be pretty different. If you are familiar with /r/malefashionadvice or /r/femalefashionadvice on Reddit, the “Post Your Keyboard” thread is more of a collection of inspiration albums while this is more “what are you wearing today?”

Everyone could certainly post a quick pic of what is currently on their desk in their welcome threads, but then you have to click through hundreds of threads to see stuff. I did consider posting this in the “community” section rather than the “discussion” section though.


Confusing my coworkers with this little fella. :slight_smile:
Keebio Fourier, milky gateron yellow switches lubed entirely too much, carefully manicured DSA unicorn vomit caps.


@jetpacktuxedo that kit for 9009 looks really classy.

Thanks! I really like the way 9009 looks on smaller form factors. It would probably be a bit better in a different color case, but I’m still really happy with it.

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That vomit looks great! I’m thinking of starting to collect novelty vomit.

Currently using my recently built JJ40 with Kailh Box Heavy Dark Yellow switches. I did originally have a set of pink and purple DSA blanks on here, but I traded them with my friend for these black and dark grey ones. It’s hard to tell from the photo, but the dark grey caps are around the outside of the board.


I’m cheating abit, this was actually about two days ago lol



ErgoDox from FalbaTech with Greetech browns and DSA blanks. I’m looking at buying a wooden case for it.


New here, figured i might as well reply to this as well. Relatively new to this kind of thing, only been in it for a few months. Keyboard is a Zhuque Hotswap TKL board with Kailh Box White switches and Maxkey SA keycaps. First board, and i think i did a good job with it.



Too much stuff, tiny desk

Norbatouch with OG Dyesubs, Logitech G9 that I painted a few years ago to match a different board, the paint has seen better days.


What do you use the M6A for?

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Media keys, discord hotkeys, print screen :slight_smile:

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Have you considered JTK Toxic? Looks like it would go pretty well with your colors heme.

Neat! I’ve tried a few macropads and never came up with good things to put on them myself, but I’m glad other people actually get some use out of them, especially the pretty Rama ones :heart_eyes:

Lz-ergo , MX-Master