What is on your desk today?


I think you need more LED lighting


I think this thread would be great if it was a weekly “What keyboard are you using this week” thread. Then the daily thread wouldn’t gum up the front page all of the time. I still like the idea @jetpacktuxedo!


I have JTK Toxic :slight_smile: But I like DSA most for typing, so my main board will always be DSA, even if everyone hates it so much that my dream set got cancelled today :anguished:


Iris with BOX Jades and blank EnjoyPBT Cherry profiles. That’s my daily driver at home, and at work I use an Ergodox with some no-name Cherry profile caps on Gateron Silent Browns.


Well, my original intent was for it to be weekly, but due to the way threads work here on KT it could potentially just be a single ongoing thread forever (maybe breaking into a new thread periodically just to wipe the slate clean a bit). It’s not like reddit where the post will fall off into nothingness because each post to the thread bumps it back to the top kinda like GH.


KBD75 with Cherry Silent Black switches and kbdfans xda dye subbed keycaps.


Canoe, GMK Griseann, Vintage Blacks 62cn gold springs
Mx Master 2S (in blue, was on sale :P)
G602, use that for gaming
Macropad I received today, will get box royals and 9 kachakeys Tiger (need 2 more :P)



They made that in polycarb? O.o


Yeah it pretty nice. I got it in the mail yesterday and built it up. The brass weight on the back is pretty solid. The whole board weighs 4lbs 11oz.

Polycarbonate TGR910 RE
Brass plate
Revo white switches.

Switches are a bit meh imo, but maybe they’ll grow onto me


@Manofinterests I’m getting Noxary’s newest 65% polycarb … do you have any opinions on polycarb plates? I was debating whether or not a polycarb case should have a polycarb plate or if brass is better.


MiniVan with GMK terminal/royal alpha and lubed gat reds

Mionix naos 7000

Bose qc25


My Unicomp EnduraPro, as usual.


Hmm; I haven’t used too many polycarb plates yet. Brian would be a good person to ask since he has one in his E6. If they are thin, they are really flexy which can be a hit or miss with people.

In terms of polycarb cases, so far so good imo. I like the mixing of polycarb case with brass plate. I’ve had this keyboard for less than 24 hours, so my opinion is far from developed hehe.


Currently on desk;

Revo Kmini, Vintage Blacks with 62cn gold springs, GMK Hyperfuse Origins
Macropad, retooled blacks same springs, waiting for 6 more Tigers (currently on their way to me)
Logitech G602
iPad Pro 10,5


@Poesjuh, Not ISO? I am disappoint. Nice board though, not one I’ve come across before. What do you use the macropad for?

I currently have a grubby dusty AEKII on my grubby dusty desk, built the converter for it on Friday.


TX87 with my laptop.


@ProD I actually recieved that very same PBT keycap set this week :stuck_out_tongue: Dunno what to put them on yet but I really like RA with the grey mods so figured paying $30 to try wasn’t a very hard choice :slight_smile:

@Gouty no, I don’t do ISO. Didn’t you know that? Only ANSI for me. ANSI is love, ANSI is life, ANSI is ALL :stuck_out_tongue: Anyway, Kmini doesn’t even support ansi, fixed plate :wink: Macropad will be used for;

  • vol up
  • vol down
  • previous track
  • next track
  • play/pause
  • mute discord (currently set on insert on discord), so it does insert :stuck_out_tongue:
  • alt-tab with a single button (still have to program that)
  • and 2 more I don’t know, right now I have scroll lock and numlock, but really no idea yet


I probably did know that, weirdo. It’s a nice macropad, where’s it from? Also, I just realised that you have 3 sets of arrow keys on your desk, that’s pretty good.


My XD60 custom and my Elecom Huge! =)