What is on your desk today?


@Gouty It’s so that I’m sure I know DA WAE… obviously. The arrows on the macrocluster of the kmini are the only mod colored caps that I can fit there, besides using stuff like windows logo’s or double accent color “code”, which just looks stupid. The arrows on the macropad will be swapped for more tigers one I get them.
You can find it here btw; http://macropad.co/


Rolling with my AEK64 with SKCM oranges (my recent daily driver, ALPS life! :sunglasses:) & aluminum Clueboard with lubed & filmed 78g MX Zilents today. Also my trusty Roccat Kova as always! :metal:


Hi what kinda mat is this? Looks really nice along with your keeb and mouse choice


I have one of these on my desk today :slight_smile:

TGR 910 RE
Polycarbonate Top and Bottom Case
Brass Insert
Top Mounted Brass Plate
Revo White Switches

I’m really loving it so far, but I’ll be putting her away really soon to work on my next review keyboard.


Fam you already posted that one :joy:


Switched keycaps; I just wanted another excuse to show her off :wink:


New macropad at work today


Changed keycap today.


Oooffff. That’s a really nice daily :ok_hand::ok_hand:


MiTo Laser (GMK) from the recent MD run
(and NovelKeys Laser-themed deskmat)
Kensington SlimBlade

Forgive the semi-potato… this is a good camera, but it’s having a REALLY hard time capturing the purples on this board.


That is lovely. Always glad to find another ErgoDox / Trackball user.


this colorway looks so good in SA


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Gubbins organisation is on my desk today. Office revamp in progress.


As most of the days, except Friday I use my Ergodox. This is making me the alien in the office.


Man, SA Carbon looks like it was made for the Ergodox Infinity :smiley:

Your lock screen looks really cool, too. Which OS/desktop environment is that?


I use OpenSuse Linux. It’s Leap 15.
I use Gnome as desktop environment. The lock screen is the standard, that comes with the distribution.
We have Windows too, but I use it only for mail stuff. The rest of my work is dev stuff.


I’m seeing some sexy set ups. So much cleaner than my desk :upside_down_face:


My setup today


Dust, topre and doolch.