What is on your desk today?

Goah this build is such a treat to use for me. It’s also a great example of why I have love for plastic cases and, sometimes, thin keycaps.

KBD67 Lite

  • DCS Paperwork
  • Moondrop × G•Square Tessence tactiles
  • BredWorks FR4 plate, standoffs omitted
  • GMK classic screw-in stabilizers
  • Flat & broad rubber feet


Thin DCS on tactile is the :honeybee:s knees.


I’m just a plain fan of thin DCS TBH. Tactile, linear, clicky, MX mount, ALPS mount I really have never been let down by it when I’m looking for that type of sound & feel! That said I actually have never had the chance to try OG thick doubleshot DCS or PBT DCS, but I’d imagine they’d probably fall very close to equivalent high end caps in feel & sound. Sometimes that thin poppy sound & light feeling of current doubleshot DCS just hits different & makes it a real standout to me.


Also, the only profile I’ve found to feel good on stock cherry reds and blues :grinning:

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Couldn’t resist giving it a try; I still might prefer Pyga on this keeb, but I had my NK87EE in-mind when I bought these caps.

I mean, obviously

A closer look at some novelties and a different Enter color. I spent way too long deciding which keys to use, and then changed my mind again after this photo.

Seems like a genuinely nice set - legends are crisp, I enjoy the texture, and they have a slightly softened shape I like. There are some minor QC issues; some occasional squidgy legends on keys with smaller type like the nav cluster, for example. Nothing I haven’t seen on [insert major brand here], but for the price I might have liked a little tighter control there.

Aside from that, there’s also some color inconsistency - again nothing I haven’t seen on [major brand] keys, but those brands have also improved since then on that front, and a couple of these keys are farther out of spec than any of those;

First impression is that I like them and they’re decently solid with lots of options and novelties - but with underwhelming quality control for the price, like one might expect from a more budget-oriented set.


Matrix 8xv 3.0 with GMK Muted


That’s fantastic.


colors delicious :pinched_fingers:


Giving two things a try today. NuPhy’s Glacier Rose switches, which are POK-stemmed, long-pole tactiles apparently made by Gateron. Clacky!

I think they pair well with the cut-sheet PC plate on the GAS67; a simple budget keeb that I think punches well above its weight.

I’m also trying UPKB’s North-facing compatibility spacers - not on the switches, but on the stabs.

They really help here - with these long-pole switches and the stabs on this board, the wide keys would teeter a bit and then become sluggish. That is, they’d slide-down farther onto one stab stem than the other, caused by the switch stem in the middle acting as a fulcrum. (The middle stem won’t allow it to fully-seat evenly; pushing the cap all the way down on one stem pulls the other out partially.) I used two riser shims on each stab stem, and the teeter was completely gone. No more sluggish movement, no more iffy weirdness - just normal stab function. 10/10, will recommend incessantly


was it delivered by stork?


I love all of the care you take laying out the board and then throw the “sack” on top of the other board. This is why I can never take pictures of my boards. My desk is constantly cluttered with stuff I “temporarily” put to the side.


Easter is coming up, so I swapped the pastel accents onto my Sirius with KAT Milkshake :smile:


New gray Adam Lego kit with Space Cadet blue alphas


I see so much potential for Rube-Goldberg-type shenanigannery here…

If Honey, I Shrunk the Kids came out this year instead of 1989, I’m pretty sure this is the keeb Rick Moranis’ character would have. It would be complete with some sort of over-engineered, not-really-necessary, and thoroughly fun science-y dodads attached - like a dedicated, fully outboard button that activates a small robotic arm to press CTRL+ALT+DEL.


Oh man. What the hell have I done with my ASCII Function key? This is gonna be quite a dig. :disappointed:

The thing is, this white board has been on my desk for months. I took that keycap off at some point for some reason… but WHY?


HA! It took me almost 3 hours, but I found it. After going through every single keycap bin with no luck, I decided to look back at photos. I had no idea why, but I thought it might trigger a memory.

Check out the right column on this guy.

The good news is that I got a lot of stuff organized in the process of searching.


currently in service while building the Iron160

Geonworks Frog TKL w/GMK Arch



My built Frog on my home desk with Dolch R5.
Hotswap PCB by Gondolindrim, aluminium plate, soft 50A tadpoles, and Gateron North Pole v2 lubed with 3203, filmed and with the yellow silencing ring removed.

I like the board a lot, but not so the build.

On the plus side:

  • Perfect isolation of the case from the plate, no need of foam or force break mods to make it sound right.
  • No flex but a good amount of bounce (need one day to check with harder tadpoles), I like that a lot.
  • If sounds surprisingly very deep, maybe the switches ?

On the minus side the switches are not what I expected, would be exagerating to say they are trash but they are not for me (at least at the moment of this writing).
Had them ordered in place of Gateron Inks that were out of stock, the North Pole v2 is (unfurtunately for me) a very different beast.
They do not feel sharp, I’d say slugish if I want to be precise as there seem to be a constant drag when pressing the keys. You’d say that I overlubed them but I think not because I had this feeling with stock switch already.
As a result they feel heavier with a 55g TX long spring than my Inks or Gat Yellows with 60 TX long springs, and on the stabilized keys this slugginess feeling is even more apparent.

I’ll see if things improve over time, if not I’ll change to Inks or standard Gat Yelows and put then into the trash.,.
Too bad because they are kind of pricy and they may be the contributor of the deep sound if it is what you like…