What is on your desk today?

Holiday time!

Case: Red Leopold FC980MBT
Keycaps: White Leopold Stock MX, Green Mods are MK Vapor Dyed Green
PCB: Custom nt-980 with LEDs
Deskmat: https://www.redbubble.com/i/mouse-pad/Christmas-Snowflakes-Xmas-Sweater-Cozy-Holiday-Gifts-Happy-Holidays-Not-So-Ugly-Christmas-Sweater-by-DesignByLeo/134736599.GAP22

Also dressed up the @norbauer Heavy-9

More Photos: Holiday Keyboard - Album on Imgur


Garnet smacks on silver!


SICK. Damn, maybe I should pickup garnet!


Installed some #7 deskeys rings yesterday; was deciding between that and the #3 silicone I ordered but these sounded a lot better on this one for me. This is one of the first high end keyboards I owned, purchased new in 2010 as a high school graduation present from the now-defunct elitekeyboards.

I want to ask: would anyone be able to point me in the direction of an updated breakout board with elevated usb capabilities? This thing doesn’t take anything modern and I really actually appreciated its use case back in the day.

Additionally, and this may be a stretch, but I’m always on the lookout for black busgamer/idea23 hipros since seeing this video. I do like the oem caps and I’ve even heard that they were physically a little different before, but I want some new caps for this baby and these would be awesome so throwing it out there, never had the hundred thirty or the time to wait that point a couple years ago when he was putting out batches.

Anyway this board is great and using it is not only much more tolerable, now it’s enjjoyable. Thanks!


Haven’t heard that name in hot min! I still have some of both there lubes stashed in my collection. The idea23 hipro caps are gonna be a hard find, but I’ll keep an eye out when I’m browsing mechmarket & such. If I happen to come across a set I’ll let you know!

Edit: Also forgot I still have Switch Hitter on a USB drive too! :rofl:


Hey, nice! I still have a tube of ekmechlube2 for topre sliders—works like a charm. I’d love to come by a set!!!

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It lives! Finally got all the files I needed to get this flashed + mapped & was able to build it up last night. Went with HMX Cloud switches (L+F), on the POM plate (wanted to use the alum plate but it was fixed everything with a 6.25u space bottom row), TX rev.3 stabs, & no dampening pads. I see why they send the plate foam/rubber with it as this is a more open sounding case, but using long pole linears helps fill the typing sound out. It is a case that needs force break also. Although once you get a decent setup in these it definitely sounds & feels really nice. This one gave me fits, but I am glad I didn’t give up on it!


Should have Ramses SA keycaps.


Finished hand-wired board number two of the three sets of plates I got from Xometry.

This one has tactile switches (TTC Gold Brown Pro if I figured out my Mystery Switches correctly), CSA Blue Samurai clone keycaps, 3D printed sides, and for the four mounting holes towards the middle, a sort of “suspension” with stiff springs held in place by standoffs.


TKC Portico68 Black Label

  • MTNU WoB
  • Stock FR4 plate + foam
  • TX AP stabberoos with too much Nyogel (a little gummy but near-silent)
  • Invokeys x Alas Nightshade silent linear switches

This is a lovely combination. The planted, heavy chassis pairs well with the highly-dampened build and smooth granite-like keycaps. This is a decidedly middle-shelf keeb in terms of price, but in a configuration like this it just exudes quality into your hands as you type.

As for the switches specifically, I’m finding these linear Nightshades quite a bit more usable than their bombastic tactile siblings, Daydreamers. They feel wonderfully solid, with what I think is an excellent balance of dampening and firmness. They also have a very enthusiastically-preloaded if middle-weighted spring that only adds to this solid feeling. All in all, a new favorite in the style. A bit of a surprise as I thought I’d prefer the tactile ones, but they’re just way too extra for me - these, though, I think I’ll be using for quite some time.


I finished up re-homeing my HHKB in the snappy Sho HHKB HG SE.

There is one thing I have to address, and that’s the 2U housings. They’re aftermarket and too tight when used with the OEM slider. So this is a bummer. I’ve put out some feelers for some OEM housings from Realforce and am hoping that’ll cure and otherwise very satisfying conversion.


By popular demand,

Gotta admit this set does look great on the Aaru!


Also got my MGA all built the other day too. It’s a pretty solid board overall, definitely surpassed my expectations from my first impressions of it!


That looks much better! :wink:


It’s almost as if this build were planned :rofl:


looks great!

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Was previously on the table

Now on the table

:wink: :rofl: :rofl:
Find 10 differences)


Put some SA caps (Kobayashi) on a board again for the first time in a long time