What is on your desk today?

I can’t believe how gorgeous HSA sets can be. I picked up Rays during a Vala sale and was thoroughly impressed with the rich colors and glossy surface. I jumped on HSA Rouge when it popped up on Kbdfans and it really blew me away – colorful yet classy. I’ll probably pick up Blush in a future Vala sale (if they don’t implode before then).

I do like the profile otherwise. It’s a more comfortable height than SA, but still has the ergonomic downsides when paired with a board angle designed around Cherry profile (7-8°). For me It pairs really well with a lower angle board (e.g. 5°) however. I’m currently enjoying a set on a Realforce R2 in a Norbaforce.


AKB is0GR with a Haimu Thistle and SW Foundation grey-beige ISO Enter


I remember a functional miniature novelty pencil from my childhood that would fit right in that pen rail… :pencil2:


Decided to swap out boards for my Aaru TKL since I haven’t used it in a min. DCS Alchemy is a great match for the sand case colorway!


Okay, so technically this is what left my desk today, but I got the 1392595 terminal Model M all fixed up. Soarer’s converter is working well, with a mild remap to make it act like a regular PC keyboard, including Win key on RCtrl. USB cable is semi-permanent, connected to the converter inside the case. With no status LEDs, there was enough room to tuck the original cable inside the case. Mine came with four missing keycaps, so in the spirit of kintsugi repairs and supporting the old alma mater, I got the brightest orange and blue I could find on Unicomp’s site. Go Gators.

I got a few other 1u caps as well, to make up the order minimum and to see if my DIY dye-sub techniques will work well on them. I may see if I can replicate the originals’ top legends, but any other design suggestions?


It came with two ball bearings and a pack of mm-thick, maybe 1-inch long crayon sticks to rest in the pen rail. I am wary of putting metal there, but the crayons will make an appearance.


man I’m diggin at the past here but you don’t have the blue alt alphas do you ?
on the fence about snagging this set but literally can’t find any actual pictures of it

Swapped in a DSS Honeywell set to try out the profile. Geon TKL 8K with Fuyu PCB.


Does that set have blanks?

Nope. I filled the gap with some blank DSA I had on hand. I don’t mind it too much, as I found I kept missing the arrow keys and hitting the ones above them.

(It did come with two 1U Fn keys for some reason…)

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I picked up a set because they’re on clearance. Can’t beat $75 for such a lovely set of keycaps.

They look nice on the 8k

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I don’t have those alphas but the main kit does have a few keys that match them:

My house lighting is warm…

Here’s the blue keys alongside the green ones at a couple angles

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That’s awesome, thank you. In most of the pictures I’ve seen, the green looks darker than the renders, and the blue looks lighter lol
What do you think of them?

I like them a lot with the one caveat that depending on the light, the space bars may not match because they are fully dyed rather than sublimated like the rest - but I don’t think it stands out at a casual glance.

a mysterious ice-ogre appears