What is safe to use with polycarbonate plate?

I read recently that some switch housing materials may crack polycarbonate plates.

I am not sure which switch materials may do that - maybe nylon?

In any case, I just want to be sure what to use or not use on polycarb plates. For example, I have a mod based on the TTC Gold Brown V2, and the switch allegedly uses some sort of “elastic material” [according to manufacturer], and I’d like to know if that’s okay.

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BSUN/YOK/Pandas all have fatter housings. Even a “not-fat” switch can easily crack or break polycarbonate so take care. If you have really fat switches and are afraid you might break your plate you can carefully sand it.


I don’t think the material matters so much as how big physically the switch is, not all are created equal, as @rpiguy9907 said some are larger and some are smaller

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