What is the most creative thing you have done with a cheap board?

I’m doing a Tofu build and maybe I can get some tips here or just see how much cooler your boards are just have fun and share your experiences
(Build is a Tofu 60% dz60rgb hotswap some random plate I have and Gateron black inks)


one thing you should try since you have a tofu is this, Gasket mounting the tofu keyboard.


I think an oversized plate padding made out of a thin sheet of FR4 sandwiched between firm latex sheets could make gasket mounting easier. A gasket kit with such gasket plate pad should also come with 8 flat struts to be attached to Tofu case walls for edges of the padding to rest on.


Sticker bombed, added bicycle weights, and case foamed a cheap, plastic 60% from SpaceCat.

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