What is the most tactile switch/ frankenswitch?

I tried zyko and soju frankenswitch, they don’t seem to be the most tactile switches right? Does anyone have a more tactile switch, or the most tactile frankenswitch recipe?
No need to worry about the price, i just want 1 switch :sweat_smile:

Maybe put a heavier spring in the zykos?

Put a TG3 rubber dome over an NK Blueberry stem inside a Boba housing. You will need a 80g+ spring to get it to return,


The most tactile self-contained switch (read: not augmented by something like an additional dome) I’ve used so far is a 75g Zeal Clickiez converted to tactile mode. It’s almost absurd.

I think I have an extra if you’re only needing one.


Something called “Copre” apparently.

Basically, it’s a switch surrounded by a big rubber dome from a “cop board” (a keyboard used in police cars). That rubberdome is insanely stiff and tactile, and when paired with a very tactile switch like e.g. a Holy Panda the result is a switch with drop-dead tactility and quite a bit of actuation force.

I haven’t tried it, and I’m not planning to. I can’t stand more tactility than SKCM Browns