What is your keyboard "might have been?"

There are ideas in the keyboard community that are well-executed, and sometimes not.

Sometimes, there is a product that could be good, but it wasn’t exactly handled properly.

What is your example of this?

For me, it’s the TKC Dragonfruit switch.

It was an interesting colourway - a nice adaptation of the real Dragonfruit, with a pink housing and white stem. It was factory-lubed, a rarity for its day, although it was uneven. And the spring weight was just right - a light-tactile 63.5 G or so.

Unfortunately, the housing was loose, causing wobble. The factory-lube needed a re-apply. And the springs seemed to be loud and inconsistent, along with a noisy leaf.

A switch like this could succeed today with modern JWICK methods, but I doubt anyone would take a risk on it.