What keyboard is this? I love the pen rail at the top

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had any info on what keyboard this is?
I have seen it on the Novelkeys website, and would think it may be an unreleased board of theirs but wasn’t quite sure … maybe it was a previously made board from another company.


It’s lovely, isn’t it? I believe that’s a private, small run board called the KRWN.

From Kilgarah on reddit:

This board is a collaboration between myself (/u/Kilgarah), /u/reggatronics, /u/velvetjaguar (aka waxpoetik) and /u/Nephlock in an attempt to provide /u/reggatronics with his endgame layout. Hence, the name KRWN. It is gasket mounted and utilizes a USB-C daughterboard. The weight design was done by /u/Nephlock. PCB and case design were done by me.


I believe Novelkeys is supposed to release a 65XT board at some point down the line, but I agree with pixelpusher, this seems to be a render of the KRWN.

J-01 J-02 and Atlas is some other nice keebs with pen rail. :smirk:

This is correct! This is Riley’s personal board that he uses for photo shoots sometimes.


Got it, thank you for the swift response on the Support question I submitted!

It is indeed beautiful, I see why it’s used :smile:
Years down the road, would love to see anything for sale on Novelkeys with a pen rail <3

Yes, I saw when those were released. Definitely eye catching.
Didn’t purchase because I’m not a super big fan of the exploded and ortholinear layouts.

Thanks for the input and references!

In September, CannonKeys ran a group buy for ai03’s Vector, which included a pen rail that could be swapped with additional colors. The GB is over and the price was steep, but if pen rails are your thing, you may be able to find one on the aftermarket once the GB ships.