What keycap profile is this?

I was watching the latest Switch and Click on the AK61/GK61 keyboard and noticed right away that the keys are a different profile.

Does anyone know what this profile is called? It looks extremely comfortable.

It is nice to see some different profiles on budget boards. I know there are a few with Cherry caps, Ducky does SA, AKKO has done DSA, but almost most all cheap keyboards come with OEM of some variety.

This looks much better. It is almost like a PBT DSS.

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I was also going to say DSS. Look like DSS with a DSA bottom row.


I think it’s “GK1” like in that illustration there - I heard about it not long ago in context of some GK__ board.

Switch and Click reviewed an AK61. The graphic on the product page for the AK61 has the illustration I posted here that says GK61. I suspect the only difference is the inclusion of Mac keycaps for the bottom row with the AK61 - just a marketing difference or even just a different skew.

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I think “GK” or “AK” followed by 60, 80-something is a keyboard - but with just the “1” I think it’s the cap profile.

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The number signifies the number of keys. The GK/AK61 with a 2.75u right shift has 61 keys.

The 64 key variant with the 1u reft shift and arrow cluster is called the GK64.

If the board has an S at the end it means it has Bluetooth (GK61s/AK61s).

Looks kinda like HuB. Trashman.club

I thought that as well, but hard to tell unless I order both… hmmm…