What Linears should I get?

So I’m starting my first ever custom keeb and was deciding which linear switch to buy. I was going between Novelkeys Creams and Gateron black inks, but couldn’t decide. Would love to know any recommendations. Budget is $1 a switch at most.

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I think most people that like linears all agree the JWK linears in just about whatever flavor are pretty great. Those are the switches like Alpacas, NK Silks, C3 Tangies, and various recolors that have been running this year.

If you were going to pick between the two you’ve listed I would suggest going with the Gat Black Inks as Creams tend to be less smooth and more raspy. Inks on the other hand seem to be pretty universally liked by people that like linears.


The easing into linears thread is a pretty good place to get started in gathering information as well as testimonials from people getting into linears and what they’re doing with theirs. Hopes it helps :smiley:


Agreed with @Retne; between the two, Gat Inks all day. You can get comparable smoothness from Silks for a bit less. I don’t like the sound as much as Inks, but the cost / smoothness ratio is hard to beat there.


i vote gat inks as well. I really like my gat ink blacks. if you’re willing to go $1 per switch, Tealios are great ofc.

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Looks like I’ll try both just to be sure!


I really like Yellow Ink’s, but I start to feel like it’s the Opera browser of linear. :thinking: @Deadeye :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Maybe Gateron red opticals honestly i like it a lot i just got my new gk61 and i am loving it from outemuu blues to linear gateron opticals very very good upgrade right here.

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Since you’re getting both, you’ll also have the opportunity to try one of my favorite frankenswitches: Creamy Inks; or Cream stems in Ink housings. If you don’t mind shorter travel, I think they make for the best of both worlds when it comes to a smooth, pleasant-sounding linear.

@skepp Early-aughts Opera for tech-hipsters?

or Opera GX for le gamerz?

Either way, Yellow Inks are on my short list of switches I’d still like to try.


OG ofc, nothing wrong with GX but it just don’t feel right. :upside_down_face:


Creamy inks are confirmed to be amazing.
Edit: Inky creams arent too bad either.