What switch is this?

Unfortunately, it came broken when i bought the custom board. I need one for the one key I have left that didn’t work.


I’m on mobile and can’t see it well enough, but perhaps it’s an Outemu blue switch? Does it say Outemu on the clear plastic top housing?

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It’s a bit hard to see, but I think so.

Are they clicky?

You’ll want 3 pin SMD compatible (for the led to shine through)

I would also question how it’s broken. Generally the switches don’t give out. If the key isn’t registering, it’s more likely that there’s something wrong with the PCB.

What type of keyboard is it? I assume it’s hotswap since you have the switch out. Sometimes the hotswap sockets become detached from the back of the PCB and it makes the key no longer work. Or sometimes the small flaps in the hotswap socket holes get bent out of position and no longer make good contact.

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Or it could be the Outemu style hot-swap and the PCB is dead, along with what pixel pusher said above.