What up my fellow keeblovers!

Hi!!! My name is keeblover69, and I love keebs! I love hoarding custom small keyboards and searching for the endgame (haha the joke is that there is no endgame, so funny :slight_smile: keeb. My current main board is an HHKB rubbre domeh haha, I just got some Novatouch MX sliders for it, and putting on GMK Dark Chartreuse, only difference between that and GMK [blank] is that the letters are blue and the keys on the side, that sure was worth $200! Good mail day.

A bit about myself, so far I have 15 keebs, I built 10 of them because everybody on Reddit was suggesting me trying all them new half assed Cherry clone switches, which one could be endgame right? :), and why not get those cookie cutter GMK/ePBT/XDA/FDA sets for them too! Other 4 I just sold, and the last one was some vintage Apple thing, I got it from the basement, it was functioning just fine, but heck that! Those vintage Alps vintage switches felt so good and everybody was telling me to just throw it away, oh well :slight_smile:

Anyways, a bit about what GBs I’m excited for: really excited for my fifth group buy for a small keyboard case made of whatever metal is popular on r/mk that month, Gftrjsim, it’s my 5th group buy this month, but this one is special, you guys! It has ‘Gftrjism’ engraved on the bottom and the weight, which I do need of course, is made of anodized gold. I really hope it hits 30 MOQ, so that the price goes down to $500, really hoping we hit that, and that it delivers by the end of 20XX, haha.

Very excited to be a part of this community, and to see how many ways I can waste my money on keyboards I won’t be satisfied with. After all, it’s not about actually using one keyboard, but seeing how you can outdo each other in the race to the bottom of my wallet. DAE spend a lot of money on input devices? I know, I find it hilarious too! :slight_smile: Cheers


Heya and welcome! Sounds like your off to an awesome start!