What were your first mechanical keyboards?

I’m curious to see the first mechanical keyboards that you all have owned, whether it be a gaming keyboard, prebuilt, or a custom, as well as your daily drivers today.

As for me, I started with a Logitech G810 gaming keyboard, with Romer-G Tactiles, and have gone through a Pok3r, RF 87U, Profet Ergodox, and am now using a Singa R1 with lubed 63.5g Retooled Blacks :slight_smile:


I found my first mechanical keyboard in an electronics dumpster at work in 2012 or so. That was a mint condition Model M. I was later given a Razer keyboard with MX Blues by a friend after he finished his masters thesis.

It took a few years and then I bought a Magicforce 68 since the girlfriend complained about the noise from my Razer board, and then it quickly spiraled out of control - Atreus, Ergodox, custom PCB for the MF68… :slight_smile:


HPE 87. A cheap TKL with MX Browns. Took it out of the shelf to clean and lube stabs, typing felt kind of nice.

My first mechnical keyboard experience was with an IBM model M.
My father brought it to me in 1992 from it’s work when I was student.
It was a real joy to type on.

Unfortunately I didn’t kept it when I started to work and my father later on disposed it :frowning:
At that time you didn’t really see the value of such keyboards (it was just a keyboard), now my IBM misses me :frowning:

Was a big gamer in high school and heard of mechanical keyboards. Looked for the “best” thing I could find and settled on a ducky shine 3 with mx browns LOL.

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My first mech was a GMMK full-sized off Massdrop. I really wanted a keeb that I could mess around with, and it is still my only mech till today. Hopefully I can build my first custom some time soon.

A WASD V2 in 2017 :slight_smile:

First already assembled was a Corsair Strafe with cherry mx silent reds… Ya know, “gamer” keebs!
My first custom one (even tho I didn’t built it myself) is a black Tina-C with gateron yellows (not lubed)!

I’d have to say Pok3r although I’ve been using mechanical keyboards since late 70s and didn’t really appreciate them until recently. Mechanical keyboards weren’t a hobby back then. It was just what everyone had and used. When your first computer keyboard is IBM PC’s buckling spring keyboard, it’s kinda hard to get impressed by ALPS or MX switches until you suffer through a decade of shitty keyboards. Pok3r led me out of that desert.

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Razer Blackwidow Chroma with green switches. A buddy of mine who helped me get into PC Gaming told me to get it and I followed suit. Had it for a few years before getting a Tada kit.

Started with a Corsair K70 with Cherry MX Silvers… Have since moved on to a Ducky One 2 Mini with MX Silvers inside a Lambo case from Iqunix with o-rings on all the 1u keys.

Aaand now I’ve put sound proofing foam under the PCB for some more dampening ;D

Razer tkl with orange linears to start, then a HyperX tkl with cherry reds, a crap Drevo Excalibur. Then onto a KBD75 and a Hhkb Tofu.

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Had RSI (tendinitis) and nerve damage so I needed something that was better on my hands than the Microsoft ergo boards, I could tell the switches the problem. Got a Quickfire TK with Cherry reds, then a Pok3r RGB with Browns (then a second one), then it started spiraling out of control growing into the beautiful hobby I have now.

I cant remember which came first, but it was either a Corsair K95 (MX Brown) or a Team Wolf Zhuque (Outemu Blue). Both are still in use. My corsair is used on my gaming rig which my daughter often plays on (cant fault the sturdy construction of that thing), and the Zhuque has been heavily modded into a nice little work board. I actually really like the thing due to its unusual compact layout on a TKL.

Since those two, I’ve used a Varmilo VA87M, UT47, Luddite 2, 1Up 60%, and im sitting on a few other boards to be finished.

I bought an Anne Pro off of someone on MechMarket and that was my first mechanical keyboard. It had 68g Ergo Clears. It was a surprisingly solid board and at times I miss it.


I’m part of the Model M crowd. It was my first keyboard that I actually owned.

Unfortunately, that first one I had no idea what I was doing, couldn’t get ps/2 to usb converters working for my laptop at the time (the active ones I found at the time were powered and hella expensive) so I tried to convert it myself, not knowing anything and it ended poorly.

The first mechanical I had that I actually used I still have and it is a SIIG Minitouch with clicky white alps.


I started off with a WASD TKL in 2013 but discovered the Planck and Preonic shortly after and have been using them ever since.

Started with a Steelseries g602 and was impressed by how heavy and the way it was built like a tank. Had mx blacks and I did not liked linear from the start. I researched and got a Masterkeys Pro L withx browns and was disappointed in the flimsiness, loud and no tactility mx browns. Sold it 2 weeks after and got a mx clears Ganss gs87 tkl from AliExpress, that I instantly loved the tactile but the switches were too heavy… from then I started experimenting with keycap profiles, added a aluminium case, then found a Model M that I restored, from there I bought lots of boards and lots of keycaps all profiles.Had @ 11 keyboards at one moment, nowadays I’ve downsized to only 3 : Beige Leopolds, a 750r with lubed Zealios and Novatouched Fc660c and Fc980c.

P.S: the model M brought me the most joy and was my first true fiddling and cleaning, solding an convert to USB. I feel kinda sad for letting it go. But in my reality I have no use for it as a daily deiver, neither at home or work, as I value silence + smoothness + as little wobble as possible + little tactility

My first two mechanical keyboards were a Coolermaster Quickfire Rapid with MX Blues that I got on sale from amazon for $60. That was an amazing deal at the time since that board was normally for around $80-100 at the time. Since I liked those mx blues so much and the clickyness was intoxicating, my next board after that was a ducky mini. I was into the big bezel game before it got popular :wink:

After that, I got into ergo clears and tactiles.


Being an 80s kid my first experiences with mechanical KBs were with Model F/Ms, AEKs, & other ALPS boards that came with early PCs. Although back then they were considered just regular old KBs. In fact I cringe thinking back to how many vintage boards I’ve seen get tossed in the trash cause “they’re old as hell, what use could they be to anybody?”. My first mechanical KB that I sought out & got because it was mechanical was a Rosewill Apollo with MX browns for gaming. From there I caught wind of r/mk, GH, & DT. Being big on DIY once I found out you could build your own KB it was over, I jumped head long down the rabbit hole!