What would you like to see 3-D printed?+ Live updates on 3-D printing

Hello Keebtalk! I am currently working with a machine shop to print random 3-D projects with different materials and methods. Our first project will be printing various finishes on the ALICE case.

I am very intrigued by our lab managers’ zeal and passion for different 3-d printed plastics, acrylics, and metals. I am curious what the community thinks should be 3-D printed next…

Also, I will be posting pictures on our printing process here!

I’m definitely curious in seeing different kinds of plastics being printed out.

While it may seem boring, maybe something as simple as a wristrest would be an interesting experiment to see what is the ideal height/angle for certain keyboards

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The Colosseum, or a variation of it, might be cool in a metal print.

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I’d be interested in seeing some 3d printing keyboard science about how variations in material, infill density, and case shape affect a keyboard’s sound (given that keyboards seem, at least at first glance, to possess some of the properties of percussive instruments).

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