Whatcha got brewin?

I was having a chat with @insolentpotato about espresso machines, and we figured some of y’all are probably into coffee/home brewing too and I couldn’t believe we didn’t already have a thread so here we are.

I have a 12ish year old Rancilio Silvia that makes me great shots of espresso every morning. Right now I’m brewing Barefoot Coffee’s Redcab Espresso, they roast it right down the street from my office and it’s always a dependable choice.

I’ve also been home brewing my own hot sauce, and I’ve made a few that I’m really happy with via basic fermentation. I made a black coffee/cayenne pepper sauce this summer that is hella good, and I’ve been experimenting with some “sugar rush” peppers a dude has at my local farmers market. I’ve also made some nice sauces with Thai chiles, another favorite pepper of mine.

So how about y’all? Whatcha got brewin?


The Norbatouch with matching cup is perfection. What brand is it?


I’ve got this set. I have a little shelf/cart thing from ikea that the machine, cup rack, and grinder live on, it works perfectly.

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That’s some good looking espresso…

I used to be a wire-filtered French press guy until I realized it was kinda unhealthy - and I used to drink quite a bit of coffee in a given day in general until I started having palpitations - so these days I try to restrict myself to one, at most two in a day, brewed with a simple pour-over cone and paper filter.

I love trying coffees from all over the world, but so far my favorites are from Guatemala and Ethiopia.