What's on your workbench today?

I was going to post in the “desk” thread but realized it might be more appropriate to start this instead - because I’m sure there are plenty of fun workspaces that may or may not be desks.

On that note - I realized something fun today.

I now have tons of real-estate for keeb-related (and other) stickers.

There’s a little room left…

…but this spot is taken.

With that, my work table is a bit more fun for future projects.

How about you guys? What does your workspace have going on? How have you upgraded it over time?


Only change to my “workbench” is that I finally bought a little organizer for some switches. I still have a couple of sets of switches that are sitting in ziplocs and of course keycaps. I underestimated how much I would fall for this hobby.

Oops, I also need room for stabs, lubing stuff, and soldering equipment.


I was long overdue for some time at the keeb-bench. Spent the evening modding my 980c with some new domes.

As for my organization, I prefer these guys. They stack, they’re see thru, the compartments come out. One is for switches, I e for everything else.


wow, now that’s a workbench

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Wrong post before oof.

So this is a very old Corsair that suffered a juice death. I want to desolder the switches to then clean them and move them to the soon arrive barleycorn keyboard.


That desoldering pump looks exactly like mine, which I bought at biltema.
You don’t (by any chance) happen to live in Sweden or Norway?

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German actually. I bought it at amazon

Then I guessed wrong :wink:

In any case, be careful with that pump.
If it’s as crappy as mine (and it really looks exactly the same), then the head will pop out sooner or later, spreading tin bits all over the workbench…

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Yeap I know exactly what you are talking about


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Then it IS the same pump…

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Nice workspaces guys! This is something I sorely need to set up for myself, unfortunately space is at a premium at my house. Been thinking of commendering like half of the dining room to setup a desk & some storage, but right now my little brother has been trying to convince me to let his GF move in while they look for their own place. So I’m kinda stuck to my room for hobby stuff for now. Thankfully my little fold out table & small wooden chair have been a reliable work area I can take out & put away whenever! :laughing:


I’m going to have to steal some of y’alls storage ideas because my workspace is a mess even after I cleaned it up for the photo.

That said, having a little dedicated space like this is way better than working on stuff from my kitchen table. Couldn’t be more happy that I made my desk wide enough to have something like this. The architect lamp in particular had been an absolute godsend for lubing switches consistently. Now I need to actually do that… Just 480 switches left in my queue to get lubed :upside_down_face:


Here’s my workbench today, featuring an HHKB Hybrid that I’ll be installing a layer of neoprene in.




For those curious

I might stream me taking apart my old stream table and stream setup and setting this one up. That’s gonna be a lot to do haha


That’s what’s up - an adjustable table is the first item on my workspace list.


Update: I just broke it and now i need a new one. Opted for a bit of a more stable looking one.

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These Craftsman things look amazing. I think they will be purchased very soon haha.


Hehe, mine does look quite dodgy and suspicious as well. I guess it won’t last another desoldering-session.
My pump was just some kind of “emergency purchase” after my old one gave up for good.

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Here’s the internals of the Chicony KB-5181 I got in today. Opened it up to clean off the weird paint overspray that looks like dust on the plate. Not sure why this is on there, but the color does match the keycaps??? The caps are very cheap thin ones, not sure what material or print is though. The legends are not raised at all like pad printing would be, but these do not feel like PBT. All in all kinda weird, but I am 100% sure that is overspray & it is the same color as the caps.

Anyways what do you guys think, should I mod this guy up with some Gat yellows or just leave it be in its original state? I would not have any use for the Aristotle stems since I don’t like clicky switches, so I’m leaning towards just keeping it stock. :thinking:


I got the cheap full today that I will use when I work from home. Switches won’t be here for a while so I will fill it with some left over browns. Tonight I am modding the stabs