What's the Closest Keycap Profile to Apple's Magic Keyboard 2 Keycaps?

Hello keyboard friends.

I’m also very much into the amazing  Magic Keyboard keycaps (1 or 2 had this been a mechanical keyboard and had regular taller switches, it’d be a high performing keyboard 200+ WPM to 370+ WPM 15 second burst may be possible, though it’ll loose it’s cool looking slimness) which are flat and wide and the gap in between is just 1.33mm (narrower than the high performance Logitech G915 which is at 2mm in between keycap surfaces).

The Magic Keyboard keycap dimensions are (just the length and width), it’s flat: 16mm x 15.5mm.

What’s the closest keycap profile to the Magic Keyboard 2’s (or Magic Keyboard 1 or the newer wired full-Size Apple keyboard) in terms of length and width of the keycap surface (exclude the height and it’s not the length & width of the keycap from it’s base, has to be based on the length and width of the surface)?

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Not an expert on this sort of cap, but the closest thing I’ve seen to the flat shape on the Magic keyboards are the caps used for Kailh Choc switches (a popular switch format for low-profile mechanical keyboards):

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