What's the good stuff for aftermarket Topre (EC) switch hardware in 2024?

I just received my Monokei Kei v2 in the electro-capacitive (Topre-style) flavor. Although I have an HHKB and have transplanted it into a Heavy Grail, I realize I don’t know much about aftermarket Topre these days—or at least what’s good, especially if I want to use MX caps.

Seems like there’s a lot of conflicting information and a lot of not-great experiences with some attempts (notably the KBDFans) at MX-compatible sliders.

These days, is Deskeys the gold standard? Or are there any other good options that have shown up of late?

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deskeys, klc ec parts, and aliexpress parts are available at different price points and reliabilities. i’ve used deskeys sliders, aliexpress 1u housings, and klc domes.

if you don’t own anything at all, i’d still buy a full des parts pack at this point, i feel that it is the most well known and supported/reliable of the three. not to say the other two are bad but they have their own quirks. the aliexpress parts are the most wild west of them all. i like the clear 1u housings when used with Topre OEM sliders. i cannot speak to the klc or ali mx sliders as i don’t build topre mx very often.

will pull in @JasonATXBS @Cipulot for thoughts.