What's the scratiest switch you've ever used?

So… scratchiest switch you’ve ever used?

I’ve used some abysmally scratchy mx reds. So scratchy I’d swear they have their own self contained deserts inside in order to keep the stem permanently scratchy and uneven.

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Silent cherry reds. Got them in a Filco TKL. I was appalled at first keypress. It now has pro purple Kailh switches in it :slight_smile:

A friend’s MX Blacks board on a Cooler Master board. Wasn’t vintage nor retooled. I had Lubed Gateron Blacks as my daily driver that time, and I swear I felt sand on every press.

I think the scratchiest was MX Reds on my Choc Mini. The worst part is they weren’t consistently scratchy either. Some switches were bad and some were fine.

Wow, MX reds dominating this thread! I’ve never gave them a try personally since I really don’t like lighter switches. For me the most scratchy switches I have ever had the displeasure of using was MX browns (pre re-tool) on a Rosewill Apollo. It was my first MKB so I didn’t realize how bad it was at first, but I came back to it after I had much more experience with better/lubed switches & my god it was bad! Ended up giving that board to a friend for free since he was using a really cheap rubber dome board at the time. I knew even though it was bad it would still be an upgrade to what he was rocking before it LOL!


Oh, you mean an MX Red with a large piece of sand stuck on the slider? :laughing:


:rofl: Yep that’s the one! :metal:

I got a really early Magicforce with Kailh blues. Literal trash.

Kind of cheating, but any dirty switch (especially Alps though) is just cringe to use.

How bad some Cherry switches were before the retool proves the importance of market competition…

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Nr 1 scratchiness goes to TTC Silent Red switches that my Xiaomi MK02S came with.
Desoldered them & installed holtites + added sexy lubed&stickered Zealios+ QMX Clips.

They were the most scratcy I ever felt.
For me:
TTC silent red -> Cherry Mx Brown (yuck) -> Cherry red-> Niz Plum Capacitive (but that scratchiness feel gives me mixed feelings, I liked it at first but then I tried lubed sliders and liked it more)

Cherry MX Red I find it to be almost usable compared to the ones mentioned before.

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Have a board with Taiwan jet axis switches that are so scratchy that they feel tactile.

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I cringed just from the description

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Same here. They improve a lot when applying some Tribosys 3204 though, so I think I’ll try that a full board before giving up on them. The silencing is just too good to give up on!

pre-retool MX Blacks on a Pok3r. Yikes

The MX Reds in my old corsair. Even as someone new to the community, they felt like I was pressing through sandpaper. Absolutely horrible. I threw it in the trash, as it truly bothered my to use. Also, I have a Zenith keyboard with some of the worst SKCL Greens I have ever felt. At least they keycaps are good.