What's with all the mechs suddenly on eBay?

Anyone else notice how many mechs are showing up on eBay lately? Maybe it’s a covid thing. For years, I’ve had ‘kbdfans’, ‘mechanical keyboard’, ‘tofu’ and similar terms in my saved searches. Every once in a blue moon I’d get a hit. Now every day it’s like tons of hits. They’re suddenly all over the place!


My best guess is reddit. r/mm has rocketed in popularity in the past year. Lots of people bought in and either decided later they didn’t need the boards or they are trading/selling up for better products. Who knows though. I usually only surf ebay for oldies :slight_smile:


Same. I haven’t yet found any kit or gb boards on ebay that are really worth buying.

I’m seeing a lot of resellers/flippers posting artisan caps and whole base sets from popular GB’s. I’m sure they’re trying to inflate prices by posting on ebay where it reaches a wider audience (and those willing to pay $500 for base sets).

That or people are running out of space for boards and their Tofu has to go first :B


Possibly due to the number of people still out of work, trying to scrape by.


Totally. I see a ton of “due to circumstances” on r/mm. Sincerity is obvious by the way they price their stock versus those pesky flippers.


Normally that’s true. These all seem to be selling at cost. That’s the odd thing.

Keyboards / parts flipping skyrocketed not long after the COVID restrictions went into place, and maybe peaked during the stimulus, when money seemed to far outstrip supply.

Now, many people have their keyboards, and there is no stimulus check. So it’s time to get rid of the older builds / purchases.

From a financial standpoint, the best time to sell would have been the spring/summer when the pandemic restrictions went into place, everybody was suddenly working from home and needed keyboards, and supply chains were disrupted. Especially once the stimulus package was kicking in.

[I had thought of selling a couple of my semi-customs at the time, and it probably would have been a good idea.]


If you want your jaw to drop, just look up “GMK Keycaps” on ebay :joy:


No shit. Every day I get multiple notifications

Who pays these crazy prices!? I mean I get wanting something, but paying over 7x retail price to get it??? Kinda makes you wonder who is the real idiots, those people paying that much or those of us who wouldn’t sell at such a markup… :thinking:


Hmm… maybe you need to revisit the “are keycaps a worthy investment” segment. Boys, I might be sitting on 40-50K worth of plastic GOLD. ha.

Still have yet to sell a set of keycaps from my collection. I guess I have issues.