What's Your Favorite Lube?



Mine’s 3204, for example. I like it because it’s very easy to apply and you get a lot for how easy it is to use.


used to be 3204. now it’s 205g0.


3203, and 1514 are probably my most used in the last 6 months


205g0 by a long mile. I do love me some GHV4, but it’s very expensive and since it’s a custom mix it can separate after some time.


Right now I’d have to go with 3204/3203 for sliders & housings then VPF1514 for springs. I still have yet to really give 204g0 & the Christo Lubes a full try out so that could change in the future though.


Where are you getting the 1514 from?


Why do you like 1514 so much?

Thinking about trying some thinner lube.


From Mehkee when they still had it in stock. I think store uni might have some right now if you need some.


Looks like they’re out. Doesn’t work if you add it to your cart. Just remembered I have some 105 from novelkeys. Might try that.


105 will work well in lieu of 1514. I gotta grab some more 1514 sooner than later though so I’ll definitely let you know if I find any in stock anywhere!