What's your favourite switch?

As someone who is constantly trying new switch combination, I was wondering about your preferences when it comes to switches.

After being a “linear-guy” for a long time, BKE Heavies has currently occupied a special place in my heart, but I’m still searching for that perfect linear.

So all in all, what are your favourite switches? Buckling Spring? Alps? MX Browns?

  • Linear
  • Clicky
  • Tactile

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I’ve only tried mx switches and I gotta say that I totally don’t care for the non-clicky tactility feel. No matter how strong is the friction it’s just friction, not some “insta-pingy” feedback to your fingers. I do like the tactitly of clicky switches but they are just too loud. So, linears.

Linear lifer here.

Nice :smiley:
Any linear in particular?
I’ve loved the linear BOX-switches for a while now.

Lubed, films, 62g vintage blacks. I don’t know of a linear that is as stable, quiet and smooth.

Vintage blacks and hybrids mostly, my personal favourite ATM is zeal bottom, panda top, vintage black stem which I’ve done 2 boards with and have enough for a third but… Those pandas ain’t easy to come by haha!

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Current favorite is lubed 78g Zilents, but I’ve been trying to get my hands on panda housings so I can finally try out Holy Pandas. One day!

One of the many nice things about 40% is that covering two boards with that switch is still cheaper than a full size :laughing:

I love the feel of clicky switches but don’t like the noise. I mostly build with tactile. Until about 6 months ago I would have said linears were dumb, but it turns out only most linears are dumb. I picked up a board on /mm back in December that had vint black stems in zeal housings with copious amounts of lube, and it actually feels way better than I thought it would. Still probably not my first pick for switches, but I can appreciate them.

So to answer the question, all of them! All switches are special and deserve a fair try!

:frowning: kinda sad that clicky isn’t more loved here. But then again, more clicks for me!

I like mx blacks for linears also though. I have them on my work DD board. Makes officemates a bit more relaxed because it’s not clicky like some of my boards have been.

~3200g MX Black

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