Wheat Fields split 75% keyboard

I’m proud of this one because it took a lot of extra work!

For one thing, this is the first keyboard to feature my latest stabilizer modification which makes the top-out / upstroke of the stabilized keys quieter. You will not find quieter stabilizers than these, I can guarantee!

The PCB didn’t support 3u spacebar on the left side so I drilled my own holes for the stabilizers and switch for the left 3u spacebar, and also bent my own 3u stab wire.

I will share info if anyone is interested. It was not pretty modifying the PCB but it’s finally working, thank goodness!

I also ported it to QMK if anyone buys it and wants to run QMK. It’s in my fork for now:


Very curious about your stab modification findings and application Professor Walker.

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Sorry for the crappy video, I’ll try to make a better one later.
Here’s how I did the stabs:


Those are some dead quiet stabs there Mr. Walker! :open_mouth: :sunglasses:

is this the same board people mean when they say “taobao ve.a clone” ?

It is, but this one has a lot of visual differences vs. the Ve.a, so I’m not sure clone is the right term

At least, nobody would mix them up looking at them

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What color options are available with this keeb? I’ve seen it on Taobao but they’re sparse on details.

I might have misunderstood but i don’t think they offer any other color options but this

Just FYI - According to the seller, the PCB in this keyboard is the same as this other one:

So if you have either of these, my QMK port will work for you, looks like!