Where can I get just 5 /dev/tty caps from?

I’ve got the /dev/tty set for my 65% keyboard, but I really need 4 or 5 additional keycaps. In dark grey I need a wider CTRL, a 1.5w DEL/BS, and a second FN, in light grey I need a `~, and a |

Where can I go to find these? Buying a whole big set just to get them seems to be overkill, and certainly more expensive than I’d be happy with …

Does the “Extras” set (or “Extra Mods” as its labelled in the images) for /dev/tty have what you need for Ctrl/Del/Fn? Without knowing which board you have, its difficult to advise on the matter.

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I’m using them on a whitefox, but I got the keycaps when I ordered a Drop ALT; I wanted to actually use different keycaps with that one so I repurposed the /dev/ttys. Perhaps I should have paid more attention to the details …

The Extras buy option from Drop was a good idea, thanks :slight_smile: and although it would probably fix the CTRL, FN and DEL keys (although ~$40 seems a bit much for three keys lol), I’d still be left with the two top-right ones, ~ and |

This isn’t the end of the world, but I’m wondering if there’s some place to get or exchange individual kepcaps …

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Would it make more sense to try and sell your limited kit (its probably the 65% kit?) and rebuy the custom base kit?

Actually, you need a bit more than even the base kit if you want a properly sized Control key instead of settling for the Caps Lock (though the Extra Mod kit with R3 control looks to be OOS).

Personally, I think you’re going to have a hard time finding someone willing to break up their base kit for a low price to get the ~ and |. Have you considered the Japan Kit? For $37, you can get the | and ~ with japanese sub-legends.

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