Where Did You Buy Your Topre Keyboard (Including Clones)?


Hi Everyone -

I have a simple question for you: where are you buying your topre keyboards, including clones? If you could drop a link in the thread below, that would be excellent.

Bonus points for folks who drop stores that can be used in the US, especially those with TKL boards available.




they come up fairly often


MechanicalKeyboards.com always has quite a few Topre boards in stock.

I bought my “Nopre” TKL from Gmarket: ABKO HACKER K945P. Can’t say I recommend the experience, because it was a huge pain in the butt to verify my account so that they would let me buy their stuff, as I am located in the US and they are primarily a Korean operation.


I bought 2 HHKB Pro 2s and an RF87u from elitekeybosrds.com in SoCal. At the time, it worked out great as they are local to me, but their keyboard inventory has declined in recent years with mechanicakeboards.com taking over sales of the RF87u. I also bought 1 RF87u with PBT spacebars from Massdrop.


My RF 87u was from Ebay. HHKB was from Amazon. FC660C and Plum 87 was from mechcanicalkeyboards.com


I went on vacation to Tokyo and bought my Realforce there.


There is a small part of me considering just such a vacation to get a 'board. When I realize how much the board would cost in light of the trip, however, I come to my senses.


I mean, I would recommend a vacation to Tokyo even if you had no interest in keyboards. It is an awesome city.


Oh yeah, definitely go to Tokyo for regular vacation reasons. Buuuut, no harm in checking out the keyboard scene while you’re there :smile:


I bought my Realforce 88UB from https://www.verkkokauppa.com/ back in 2013. That is a Finnish webstore, but they were willing to ship it to me in Norway. I got a fantastic deal on it, €137 ($160), and I still have it. Verkkokauppa doesn’t seem to sell Topre boards anymore.

I bought my white HHKB Pro2 Type-S from https://www.amazon.co.jp/ when I was on a business trip in Sapporo. They had other HHKB in stock at a store I visited, but I really wanted the Type-S, so I ordered via Amazon instead.

I realize this is probably of no help whatsoever to anyone considering getting a Topre board, but I just wanted to tell the origin stories of two of my favourite boards :slight_smile:


I bought my 88UB from https://www.keyboardco.com. They were very helpful.


Bought my Archon RE:AL Superior EX “Nopre” Alu TKL off Amazon via seller Redtab. Last I saw they had a silver one up for grabs. Domeswapped with the 65g sheet off ebay after lubing.

Plum84 (75% with 5.5u space) that I BKE swapped/lubed was snatched off Massdrop for a decent price.


I bought my HHKB from Yahoo auctions.


Mechanicalkeyboards.com for my realforce.

Amazon for my HHKB


I hope MK.com gets more FC660Cs. I miss how easy it was to find those things. At least they have a new batch of FC980Cs but I don’t use that layout since I have a separate numpad.


I’m waiting too. I head someplace the stock issues were due to factory location change.


RF87U and 104UBS from Tsukumo in Akiba.
HHKB Pro 2 from yodobashi (akiba)
FC660C from eBay (Seller: Widebasket, would highly recommend him btw).


Got my Realforce 104UG Hipro off mechmarket


Mechanicalkeyboards.com or Amazon. I almost tried the Korean market sites, but it’s a -lot- of hassle, so I just paid $30 more to get some from Amazon, and some from Mechkeyboards. I can also say without a doubt that I prefer clones to genuine topre, but BKE Redux is #1.


My Novatouch from mechmarket