Where do you buy stuff?

Hello there.
I was just wondering where do you guys usually buy your PCB and cases from.

Any advice for different manufacturers or brands?


I typically check out mechgroupbuys.com to see what’s currently active. I also occasionally browse CannonKeys and similar retailers for any groupbuys.

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@dovenyi does a great job curating a list on his website concerning all things keyboards: Keyboard vendors

We also have a list, but unfortunately because of changes to the Forum software, no one can edit it anymore. List of Keyboard Retailers / Shops / Stores / Vendors?


There are so many good vendors, but just a few reliable ones off-hand:


  • CannonKeys
  • NovelKeys (occasionally has amazing sales)

Switch sets:

  • Milktooth
  • SwitchCaptain

Switch samples:

  • SwitchOddities
  • Kinetic Labs (also good for the rest)


  • Mekibo
  • UpgradeKeyboards

Pre-built kit boards:

  • The Key Company
  • DROP

Seconding what @Extra_Fox wrote, but wanted to add that it’s a good idea to check the fledgling MK Trust and Safety System ratings before any group buys. Not every vendor is there, but at least gives you some insight on whether or not a vendor is overextended.

I’ve bought stuff from most of the vendors that @Deadeye mentioned, in addition I’ve used Vala Supply, Omnitype, Divinikey, Keebio, DeskHero, and ClickClack. No issues with any of them.

I avoid MyKeyboard.eu now. They’re still shipping products, but there are a lot of red flags there right now from what I’ve seen personally and on their Discord.


Yep, feel free to check out my vendor database at kbd.news. (Thanks for the ping @Extra_Fox) Just finished a major update, most entries should be up to date.

Filtering for your region is one feature I think makes a lot of sense. At least for me, living in the EU: shipping fees and surprise VAT/customs fees at arrival can turn even the greatest shopping experience into a nightmare. :smiley:

Other than that, there are almost 150 shops offering you 5-30% discounts with the KBDNEWS coupon code. At this point you can simply try it at any store, it will work at one out of four shops.


99% of the time I automatically try the “KBDNEWS” Code and have found it working more times than a lot of other influencers codes, even on smaller sites.

I will also add Divinikey, as they are one of my mains for pretty much everything. I usually try to avoid KeebsForAll, but sometimes they are the only American distributor. Don’t be afraid to check out places like Ashkeebs in Canada as well. You may pay a little more min shipping, but you will also likely get your groupbuy delivered sooner…


I avoid MyKeyboard.eu now.

I imagine they’re in a death spiral now. I believe they just got called out by GMK on Reddit and all their manufactured but unpaid inventory just got rerouted to another European vendor. They weren’t on the MK Trust list either, best I can tell, so using it might have saved folks some grief.


100% spiraling.

Found the GMK statement. Seems like Oblotzky stepped in to take over all the outstanding MK.eu GMK orders… all 76 keycap sets. Insane how bad this one is.

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