Where to buy kailh choc keycaps

I’m getting mad to find a place to buy kailh choc keycaps. I just found them black or white, and I want a bit more of variety. Any guidance is very appreciated.
Not sure if this is the proper forum section, sorry about that.

Those are the only ones available but there are new ones in the works. Check out: https://old.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/di582n/ic_new_choc_keycap_profile/

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So all what we have is a promise of future caps? I’m glad I have a resin 3D printer but… I think I saw some nice keyboards with chocs… or maybe I just dream with it.

Other than printed ones, the only other choc caps I’ve seen are these: https://en.zfrontier.com/collections/keyboards/products/morgrie-rie60

However, zFrontier doesn’t sell the keycaps separately.

I sell colored choc keycaps on my website, https://mkultra.click when it is open. I have both the flat profile you are used to with choc and in the next 2 weeks will be offering colored, translucent scooped caps. I also am selling choc switches, including choc black, at a very reasonable 45 cents each. Multiple choc compatible PCBs are currently being designed and will be available in the store shortly. Stay tuned!

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Well, I would love to see them, but your store seems r9 be closed

Will be open either late tonight or tomorrow, once I feel like I am caught up on most of my orders again.

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