Which is better soldapult or Engineer?

Also how much solder would I need for a 96 layout keyboard with leds?

:thinking: I think you got it backwards, soldapullt is the name of the hand tool for de-soldering & Engineer is a brand that sells soldapullts. I’m assuming you are comparing the Edysn soldapullt & Engineer soldapullt, which are both top of the line & very close to each other in functionality. Although honestly I would recommend getting a cheap soldapullt like these & one of these de-soldering irons. Using even a cheap de-soldering iron is a much more effective option for de-soldering more than a few joints at a time & the expensive soldapullts don’t work so much better than the cheap ones to justify their pricing IME. You’re basically paying for longevity with those expensive soldapullts which becomes a moot point if you’re just using one to supplement a de-soldering iron. As far as solder goes you won’t need a lot for soldering a 96 key board, I’d recommend this Kester 44 Rosin Core Solder 63/37 .031" 1oz Dispense-Pak for that. Hope this helps you out! :metal:

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Soldapult is a trademark, not the generic term (solder pump is the generic name). OP was correct, you got it backwards. The two products he’s referring to is the Edsyn Soldapult vs the Engineer SS02, they’re both solder pumps, but only one of them is named Soldapult.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, my personal experience is that the SS02 is very very good and is great at the more marginal and stubborn joints however you will have to clean the nozzle and lubricate the plunger quite often. The Soldapult tends to lasts a little longer between cleaning


Huh, I always thought it was the other way around. It was years ago now, but my electronics teacher always called them soldapullts regardless of branding, so I always assumed that was the name of the tool. Although this wouldn’t be the first thing he was wrong about, the more you know LOL! :metal:

I think it’s the same case with products like Kleenex and Sello Tape or Post-It where the initial product is so commonplace that the terms somewhat gets adopted as the generic term. Nevertheless, Edsyn got exclusive use of the term ‘Soldapullt’ as their official trademark, although they’re an American brand so perhaps they’re more ubiquitous in the NA market than worldwide. I haven’t seen much use of the term as a generic descriptor over here across the pond

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Well in reality I just need to desolder like 3 switches, but I have tried 2 of those cheap solder sucker and no luck.

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In reality I just need for 2 switches since I accidentaly soldered them and realized that I was missing the stabs on my keyboard. I tried the cheap solder suckers but it seems that it was not able to take any of the solder

Haven’t tried Edsyn but the reason I really like Engineer SS-02 is the replaceable silicon tip.