Which is the "greater of two evils" – lubing switches or tuning stabs?

Which chore do you dread more?
  • Lubing switches
  • Tuning stabilizers

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Stabs can be a huge pain, especially when you find out something is wrong after everything is soldered together. But switches take so much time and I’m still not consistent with them.

I have 140 penguins to lube for the board I got in earlier this week. I am absolutely dreading it.

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Switches, no contest.

With stabs, even if any one step in the tuning process is annoying, the pain is bounded, just because there aren’t that many stabs to do, and at this point (famous last words) I think I’ve got the technique dialed in.

Switches? Many more to do, and it’s a highly repetitive task (boring) - but you can’t zone out while doing it, at least not if you want a consistent lube job. By far the longest part of the build process and the least fun, which makes me wonder how much of a masochist I truly am to enjoy this hobby as much as I do…

Penguins, huh? One of the better Durock tactiles. What made you choose them?

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I wanted some really light tactiles and they match the white/teal theme of this board pretty well.

Also, the owner of Kinetic Labs made a post on here when they came out with a discount code and I have a bad habit of compulsively purchasing parts I may or may not use months down the road. These have been sitting in a drawer for a while lol


I have my share of builds where I simply tub lubed the stems b/c I dread the hours of lubing. Goes from a 4 hour process to a 20 min process for pretty good results.

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I detest switch lubing. If I can get away with it (all linears at least), I’ll bag lube the stems springs.

By comparison, I find Topre significantly less tedious to mod, and that alone is enough to deter me from building anymore MX boards for the time being.

Lubing switches easily.
At least stabs you can get over with pretty easily!

On the flip side,

If you’re a newer modder and a perfectionist, it’s much harder to get to your stabs to fix if you didn’t do them right the first time. It could require a full desolder even!

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Stabs for sure.

I actually like lubing switches. I usually have to wait so long to get them, so getting a chance to mod them is something I tend looking forward to. Tuning stabs is so boring and no matter how good those switches are, rattle ruins everything.

I gave up on doing them. Partly because I don’t use my nice keyboards enough to justify the time it takes. I like to think I am a lazy purist. Enjoy that space bar rattle.

Oh, that’s cool. What kind of plate are you using with the Penguins? I am finding that the Durock tactiles go well with polycarb, so I am saving them for those kinds of builds.

Lubing around 70 switches in one sitting is doable for me, any more and that is where I struggle.

Stabs is still the killer though. I have done a number of builds and I feel like I am just now getting to a point where I can get them good on the first try. I still second guess every stab’s quality though.


Stabs by a country mile for me. I can put up with switches that are a little but inconstant or have spring ping so I dont soend as much time as I prob should lubing them. By contrast, a keyboard with a rattle or tick stab gets immediately removed out fo regular rotation, I can’t stand it.