Which keycaps have the deepest dish or highest convexity

Hi guys

I know nothing about keyboards, and I know nothing about what keycaps are better than others, all I know is, I prefer DEEP dishes. I’m currently looking at buying either PGA profile or MT3 profile keycaps (links below), but I cannot decide (or read into) which has the absolut deepest dish.

I have been reading this thread over and over (pga-profile-keycaps/15432/43?page=2) but I still cant decide whether or not the PGA actually has a deeper (or lower) dish than the MT3, as I would like to come as close as possible to a Decision Data 8010 keypunch keycap set.

This is my first time ever to post anything on here, so in my opinion its a long shot, but I really hope some of you are able to help me out. Thank you in advance.


My current options are:


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MT3 has a very small top surface area, and an extreme sculpt (or whatever you call the fact that it goes from low home row to very tall numbers and f-keys). So I always find myself bashing my fingers against the sharp edges around the dish.

PGA feels deeper to me, just because I’m hitting the sharp edge less often (because of the slightly larger top surface and less extreme sculpt). And I think PGA looks the most like your target.

You might also consider MG/AF-SA. These have a reasonably deep dish, but even larger tops (basically the same size as SA). I think it’s impossible to get MG at a reasonable price, but I recently got a bunch of nice quality AF-SA sets which have the same dishes on top of slightly shorter keys for very cheap off AliExpress.


Mechs & Co. is currently pre-selling a replica SA 8010 keycap set, set to ship sometime between July and 2023. But that’s SA, so not very scooped.

MT3 is like someone took a tapered cube, and dropped a marble right into the center top of it from a great height. PGA is more like someone took a shorter, less tapered cube, and rolled a marble around its whole top surface.

MT3 has a very deep but small scoop right on the top, while with PGA the scoop is more shallow, and covers the whole top of the key.

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The SA 8010 set:

I’m planning to pair this with a Saturn-60 to create an almost exact replica of the Decision Data 8010. Saturn-60 extras sold out around Christmas, but a second round is rumored to be happening next year.

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Technically MT3 is slightly deeper, but with much sharper edges. I find AFSA and PGA much more comfortable.


Yeah, MG / AF SA is like a Deep Dished SA / OEM-SA.

Very comfortable - I’d buy more sets, but they all have the same fonts and basic design.

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Thank you so much guys! Much appreciated! I think I’ll go for PGA first, and then see if I dare buy the MT3, if not looking at the MG or AF SA to see if they will work as well. Thanks all the way from Denmark. didnt expect such a quick response.

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