Which Lube for Switch Lube: An updated guide on the what, how, and where of switch lubricants

Random question but what’s more viscous, 205g0 or dielectric grease?

That might depend but from the ones I have dielectric grease is far more viscous than 205g0

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Dielectric grease is far more viscous than 205g0 as one is a grease and one is lubricant. In the comparison between 205g2 and dielectric grease, I’d say the former.

Resurrecting this just to say a big thanks for taking the time to put this together. Super helpful info and all in one place! Now if only I could find a US seller that had 205g0 in stock…


Kiiboss switch opener link is dead. Damn shame, it works really well :slight_smile:

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The redesigned Nutcrackers are coming soon - with size changes to accommodate Sky/YOKs!

It’s https://kiiboss.studio/ now.


Nice! And there’s a kailh option now too!

Thanks, I’ll update my link :slight_smile:

been doing some thinking on my part as to a possible automation of lubing with thick lubes akin to bag lubing for thinner lubes, and just curious as what the downsides may be for the usage of a rock tumbler or something?

Now, this may be a really stupid idea here but im just genuinely wondering what may be a possible way to automate this process. If one puts something like some stems and some 3203 into a rock tumbler for a good amount of time, would it eventually lubricate all the stems? and would it do so evenly and well? I dont actually have access to my old rock tumbler and just thought about it the other night.

Well, there’s only one way to find out! Please take one for the team and do some KEYBOARD SCIENCE.

I think i might swing on over to the local goodwill to see if there is a cheap one soon, im just a little bit busy the next few days so it may be a wait sadly.

I mean, using a smaller tupperware to tub lube springs or stems only takes a couple minutes of vigorous shaking and you’re done. I’d worry that a rock tumbler has so much surface area you would waste a lot of lube (as it will coat the container and that lube is basically lost, which is why reusing containers are ideal), or that it would be vigorous enough to get even distribution

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I second this. I use a very small container and it still uses quite a bit of extra lube. I think it’s worth it for the time it saves, but some may not like wasting lube. I always tub lube my stems unless I’m trying to avoid lube on the tactile legs. It takes about 0.5 to 1oz of lube to get all of the stems for a TKL and it’s always consistent. Just have to shake it around for about 2 min or so. I wrap mine in a kitchen towel to cut down on noise (cat doesn’t like it) :slight_smile:


I’d be cautious about using graphene. Graphite is an electrical conductor so I think graphene would be as well.

Using a conductor to lubricate switches could lead to unwanted connections!

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Any recommendations for Zilent v2’s? I’m planning on lubing everything but the legs. 3203 or 3204?


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Hello sir, quick question, is it OK for me to translate this article into Chinese and post it in a Chinese keeb enthusiastic chat group? I will not gain anything monetary out of this action more than helping my peers to overcome the language barrier. Thank you very much!


I think its amazing. We surely all profit from a united global community

Please do! All I ask is that you link back to this original article and attribute me as the original author. I’d love to see it once you’ve posted it!