Which Switch to get?

So I”m thinking of building a mechanical keyboard soon with linear switches. I want some thockiness and smoothness. My choices are Ink Blacks, Alpacas, Tealios, Creams, C3 Tangies, Milky Yellows, and Turquoise Tealios. Which one should I get? Oh and I’m not gonna use stock, I’m gonna use lubed with Krytox 205g0.

Other people that like linears more than I might have better suggestions, but you can’t really go wrong with Yellows for the price. Stock or lubed.

I would scratch off Tealios and Turquoise Tealios off the list. They are pretty pricey, and I think Durock switches you get off AliExpress are just as good if not better for cheaper.


Honestly, I’d recommend just picking one, using it straight out of the box and then determining whether you like it. Then determine whether lubing is really going to be necessary. Personally, I’m not all that convinced that lubing is absolutely necessary and have only done it when the switch manufacturer recommended it.


I would say the opposite, if you want a consistent switch that you know is going to be good, is reliably always in stock, and consistent tealios are hard to go wrong


Is there a switch tester where you can pick your own switches that possibly includes those switches?

And if there isn’t, is there a way to buy the switches in singular packs because most of them come in packs of 10?

There are definitely switch tester assortments available from various vendors. I don’t know what the liklihood that you’d find all the ones you might be interested in one set though.

Also, some vendors do sell switches in 10 packs.

DangKeebs.com is one that does, and has quite a wide selection to choose from: Switches

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Mechbox.uk (@theremingoat’s affilate link) is pretty great for snagging individual switches to build-out a tester.

Shipping might be high depending on where you are in the world, but it might be the only place I know that consistently offers single switches outside of really high markups on ebay, amazon, and aliexpress.


My first switches were Gateron Yellows. It’s still incredible to me to think how good they are with how cheap they are!


Those are all very solid options, and, since you’re just starting out, all of the subtle differences will likely elude you. Other than maybe the scratchy, clackyness of the creams.

Broken-in creams are probably the best in terms of feelios and acoustic.

For my first build, I went with tealios switches. The only barrier, I would mention is the price. If that isn’t an issue, go for it! I’ve also built with inks, I found them to be alittle bit heavy for my taste, but the sound profile is amazing. I’ve heard great things about the tangies, but they’re not as easy to obtain from vendors.

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Same first build was turquoise zealioos and I love them but I know others are cheaper and just as good.
I also have skurios waiting and milky yellows.

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This is actually very true & something a lot of people don’t think about. With most switches lubing is a preference, nothing wrong with rocking switches stock. They will break in & get smooth over time. In fact those of that lube kinda sacrifice a shorter break in trade for more smoothness at the beginning of a switches life now that I really think about.

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Definitely lots of feedback to consider here and all of it is preference after all. Fwiw, I think a JWK linear or Gateron KS3 yellow is a great place to start. JWK generally need films depending on the molds, but they are pretty smooth stock and there are enough spring weights out there if you know you prefer heavy or light. You can always use switches stock but if you really want the deeper sound, 205 tends to be a good way to do that, although I prefer the feel of oils. If you have a hotswap board, I’d recommend breaking in the switches before deciding to lube


Lubed Tealio v2s have become my endgame switch, but as a starter the silk series of switches from novelkeys are worth checking out as well and won’t break the bank.


My personal take:

If you want the deepest sound, go with the Gat Inks. If you want the smoothest stock switch, go with Tangies (the current V2 Alpacas are a close second). Lilacs are JWK smooth, have a deeper sound than that of their clackier JWK brethren, and have a nice middle ground spring weight. They would be my recommendation. Lavender Linear Switch – CannonKeys.

Milky Yellows while sounding good, are not even in the same ballpark for smoothness. Tealios are a good switch to be sure, but are neither as smooth as the JWK offerings or “thocky” sounding – there is no superior aspect of Tealios in my opinion to spend $1.10 a switch.


I’ve never tried the lavender switches, will definitely take a look.