Which Zealios Weighting is Your Favorite?

I’ve got some in a board of mine that was built by someone else - but I’ve got 67g (maybe 68g?) Spirit springs in them, and I’ve never used stock Zealios. What’s the best setup for Zealios in y’all’s opinion? =)

I find 67g the best by far. I always lube my switches, can’t go back to stock in that regard. I have never modded my springs in Zealios.

I have found that a lot of people agree with me on this, 67g seems to be the best weight because it feels the most tactile. All the other weights feel less tactile for some reason.

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Has to be 67g for me. Anything more is fatiguing (I type a lot), but I like a decent amount of resistance as well.

For stock weights, I would say they would rank 62>67>65>78 for me.

If you want to know about other weights, my personal favorite is to swap Gateron Clear springs into them, which gives them a bottom out weight somewhere around 35g. At this weight, you really don’t feel the spring weight much, which only lets you feel the bump. IMO this gives it a really “pure” feel.

I think the 78g is best, if from round 8 or newer, because the changed spring gives the tactility more of a larger and rounder feel, which I like. After that, I’d probably say 62g is my fave.

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My boy quakemz on that light switch train :eyes:


It’s discussions like this that really hammer home the idea that I do have meat hammers for fingers.

100g isn’t even close to heavy enough for me.

I respect all da weights. :wink:


In my experience, once you hit ~100-120g all switches basically become linear. That being said, heavier linears (90-150g or so) can actually feel pretty nice!

The way I type, they all feel like linears to me. :smiley:

I am not a huge Zealio fan but I LOVE Tealios. They come with the 67g spring. At first they felt really “soft” because I was used to SS springs, not gold. Now I love them.

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I have only tried 67g and 78g. I love 67g lubed and 78g stock. I tried lubing 78g and I hated the results, lost most of its tactility. So in my limited experience:

67g Lubed > 78g Stock > 67g Stock > 78g Lubed

67g for life

I’m currently using 67g and haven’t tried other weights. However, I’m not happy with how subtle the bump is and from what I’ve read 62g mitigates this problem because of the lighter spring.

The R9 and later 78g tactiles are my favorite. I’ve tried 67, 65 and 62 but they all feel a little less lively compared to the 78g.

Here is a typing sound video of Lubed 67g:

Love them like this!

Hmm, I find the opposite to be the case for sure. But try it out, this stuff is highly subjective :stuck_out_tongue:

If you do want a stronger bump you might also want to check out MOD switches. They have a more pronounced bump than Zealios. People say they are also scratchier, personally I do not notice this once they are lubed unless I go very slowly to specifically try to notice it.

Another highly tactile option (and probably the most tactile MX switch at this juncture) is Box Royals. I tried these at a recent meetup and they are exquisite. The bump is the most pronounced I have felt on a switch. They are boxes so I am not looking forward to lubing them, but I definitely will be picking up a set or two. In their unlubed (well, lightly factory lubed) state they felt very scratchy to me, but so does everything, I’m hoping lube will clear that up.

I’ve tried Box Royals as well but I’m not a fan of the sharp bump (they feel like Clickies without the click). I like Zealios because of the round bump, but I wish the bump is more pronounced.