WhiteFox / NightFox - Anyone use screw in stabs?


So, I have a NightFox sitting at my house waiting for me to build, and I have a WhiteFox for work. I hate the stabilizers that came in these boards. Truly awful stabs.

So, has anyone used Zeal screw in stabs or GMK screw in stabs on a WhiteFox or NightFox? Don’t feel like installing them and then shorting out my board. Would love to slap some Zeal screw ins to each of the boards.


If you use these, you can insulate the screws and prevent shorts. I recently replaced my stabs with some GMK stabs.


I use Zeal stabs on my white fox and haven’t had any issues with shorts. However the plate that comes with the white fox technically doesn’t support PCB mount stabs. This isn’t really an issue for left shift or enter, but for spacebar you’ll find that the wire collides with the plate.

My solution for this was to just buy a cheap set of needle files from the hardware store and shave off a little of the plate to accommodate for this. If you do not do this your spacebar stabilizer will not be able to fully extend.


Thank you both for your responses. Luma, totally realized how hard I derped once you said this. Had an idea creep in my head and didn’t fully think it through.

Will be getting some authentic cherry plate mount and then modding those. Will also be slapping some Cherry blue retooled housings with 68g springs and Halo stems in as well to give it something weird.


Actually I believe the plate issue only exists with the older Whitefox variants. I got a Nightfox kit from the original Kickstarter & used GMK screw in stabs without any issues on the space bar stab cutout.


This is an R3 Whitefox from the Kickstarter and when talking in the help channel for input club they confirmed that PCB mount wasn’t supported on the Whitefox, not sure about the Nightfox though but I would guess that it’s the same.


Yeah that is kinda odd, since the Nightfoxes from the Kickstarter are just Whitefox Veras anodized black. The branding on the back of mine say Whitefox Vera & everything. I’m just getting ready to go to work but believe I have build log pics of mine on my PC. I’ll upload them later so you can see if the plate is the same as yours.