Who is This For?

Hello, my friends! I’m kicking off a new review series called “Who is This For?” - and I’m starting this thread as a place to link articles and videos in that series; but also as a place to discuss the various overlapping and distinct subdivisions of keeb buyers and the keeb stuff they buy - and why. (And maybe sometimes, just ask “why?”)

On that note, you can read the first review in the series here:

Who is This For | Vol. 1 - Xinmeng X9VR Keyboard & Mouse Review

It’s sponsored in that there’s an affiliate link in there if you really want to buy one - and the keeb was sent to me free of charge for review. I accepted it on the condition that I write my honest opinion, positive or negative - and since they were cozy with that, here we have my first sponsored review.

Oh yeah, it looks like this:

How about that pairing amirite


Oh my god, the ringing in that typing test is worse than my pingmaster :joy:


Such “millennial pink!” Nice write up :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I think many of us fell into this hobby and at one point or another thought, “typewriter caps, hell yeah!” only to hastily revisit this opinion after using them or reading reviews.

If I were more interested in typing or gaming than tinkering, maybe this style would be a better fit, or if it were just an accent on my desktop rather than a pursuit of some fabled “higher typing experience.” I don’t rightly know. I just know I’m not the target audience.

Speaking of targeting me, if any of you cookies are listening, my words are as follows:

Kit, solder, diy, bespoke, brass, aluminum, polycarbonate, vintage, beige, open-source, community, rubbreh domeh, programmable, group-buy, and boring.

And my workspace aesthetic is:

Completely uncoordinated.


I thought someone was pinging me on discord… Took me a solid minute to find out


I feel this in my bones. My main reasoning for typewriter caps on my first prebuilt, aside from the aesthetic, was for the uniform profile for the sake of trying different layouts (a thing I still have to yet to do…). The main issue I had with the typewriter caps I had was that the scoop was too shallow to hold my finger tips, I got some cheap rainbow burst alpha keycaps and haven’t revisited the typewriter style caps since.


Some people like them and some people don’t like them. This is normal.


I love the title of the series, btw. Naming stuff is not easy, and I think this title “Who is This For?” is really good.

And BTW, typewriter style keebs, I tried to get a friend into keyboards. He liked pens, I figured not too much of a stretch. He didn’t get any of what I said, and independently found type writer style keebs online and would just show me photos of them telling me how cool they looked and never bought one or any other keyboard.

Ok, haha story over, but I always think of that when I see a keeb like this.

And, nicely written article!

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