Who knows if this keyboard can be used in the office?

Retro Typewriter Wired Bluethooth Mechanical Keyboard
I am very entangled whether to buy it. The price does not seem to be very difficult to accept, but I am worried that the sound of typing is too loud to affect other people’s work. Although the website is planning a Halloween event, I am afraid to miss the opportunity, but I am very worried. Hesitate to buy one.

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Imo, blue switches in the office is a bad idea :grinning:

Why do you say that?

That keyboard is all about the looks and the parts are mediocre.

The used blue switches are clicky, as pressing on a ballpoint pen to turn it on. The plastic case will amplify the sound and it’s gonna very lound and annoying for everyone in the office, much louder than regular keyboards.

When I worked in an office, my first question when bringing a board in was always “How quiet is it?”. This obviously depends on your own situation but bringing in a keyboard that has a clicky switch means it’s more likely that people may be annoyed by it. But that’s ultimately your choice. Are there any alternatives that have the look you want with different switches?

I’m sorry if I seem to be paranoid but is it a coincidence that Tina has in their profile a link to the very shop that sells this keyboard? Being an employee of that shop, they should have a pretty good idea about it. So is this a marketing strategy? Should this topic be flagged and removed?


The trick is to work in an office where everyone has loud keyboards.

Just looking at the new activity on the board, Tina seems to be on a roll…

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We’ve noticed some incorrectly categorized posts that we’re working on properly categorizing.

It’s most probably a marketing strategy. I’ve seen flags and we will be properly categorizing them and letting them know they need to properly categorize their posts.


Thank you for your reminder. What occasion do you think it is suitable for? Hahaha

Oh, I don’t want to disturb anyone’s office, it may be more suitable for use in my own home.

This website belongs to my friend. If you can’t write it like this in your profile, I will delete it. Thank you for your reminder.

Hahaha, the keyboard I use now is also very loud, because I need to type quickly.

In your other post you said it was your site :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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