Who started gasket mounted keyboards?

I’ve been searching for this answer but nothing on the origin of gasket mounted keyboards.
The earliest post was in July, 2019 from Geekhack, which is just a question about what a gasket mounted keyboard is.
I’m guessing that it may have been started with Korean keyboards, since I think we were the first to popularize full-aluminum, custom keyboards (don’t quote me on that).
Any ideas on the history/origin of gasket mounted keyboards?


From what I know, o-ring gasket is the first introduction to gasket mount and it most likely started with the OTD 356 mini (edit: a little correction, o-ring gasket started with the 356N).


Steve Wozniak?
Although I believe this would technically be a tray mount/gasket hybrid since they’re only on the front. I’ll pull out one of my AEKIIs to check.

Edit: How did I comment such an old thread? Sorry about that.