Why are these Alpacas different?

I recently bought some additional Alpaca linear batches and I noticed that they were different from my previous batch which I had from about a year ago. The one on the left (more matt top housing) is the old batch while the right one with the more shiny top housing is the recent batch. They also sound and feel slightly different as well. The recent one has deeper sound for sure.
I haven’t used Alpacas in a while and was wondering if they’ve gone through a version change or if this batch is something I should be concerned about.


I have to double check but I think v2s are more shiny than v1s. Cannot remember for sure which way it is, but yes, the different revisions do look different.

They are different molds, so they will feel different


Thanks for confirming. Must have skipped a gen since I last used Alpacas :slight_smile:


Can someone remind me, are there meaningful generations in the Silent Alpacas?

So I did some research on this and yes, there is a generational difference between gen1 and gen2 Alpacas. If you see my photo at the top of this thread, the one of the left is v1 and the one on the right is the v2. I believe the housing materials are still the same but the mixture within the material may be different. For example, I noticed that v1 is a bit more brittle and the top housing legs tend to break more easily than v2s. In line with the v1 brittleness, the v1 clearly has a higher pitch compared to the v2s. The V2s are manufactured with new molds as well.

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