Will low profile Cherry Red switches take KAM/KAT/DSA/XDA caps?

I’m thinking of getting a Filco w/ low profile Reds - but haven’t seen anyone test DSA/KAM/KAT/XDA caps on this switch. Anyone know?

Here’s what Deskthority says:

Compatibility with Cherry MX

The switch is not pin-compatible with Cherry MX and the overall travel is lower, at 3.2 mm. It does however fit a 14×14 mm plate hole, at a different height over the PCB.

While it shares the same cross-pattern keycap mount of it’s larger name-sake, the keycaps are not entirely compatible. Most keycaps for Cherry MX could mount and be used actuate the switch, but could impact into something when pressed further down:

  • Thicker-walled keycaps (such Cherry/GMK doubleshots and thick PBT) or keycaps that narrow inside nearer the top would hit the switch housing which is wider on top than Cherry MX’s.
  • Thinner-walled keycaps (such as OEM profile and those of Cherry MX-Board 3.0) would hit the mounting plate (if there is one) because of the additional skirt height. Vortex opted to make PCB-mounted keyboards that avoids this issue.[4]

That would seem to rule out KAM and KAT because of their thickness, yea? Not sure about DSA/XDA



Hi. I’m also looking to build a keyboard with DSA keycaps and low profile switches. Did you find any additional information if they are compatible?