Will matias alps stabilizers work/fit with pcb or plate designed for mx cherry stabilizers?

I’m not sure if this is the correct category to post this question and I can’t find a decent summary or guide with regards to alps stabilizer adjustments to mount to a pcb(is it possible?) or plate designed for mx cherry stabilizer holes.

Just to have a background on the possible board I’m trying to build, if that would make the answer more specific and better response.

  • Keeb.io’s new Quefrency staggered split 60%(I’m am in no way connected to him, this is pure inquiry since I’m starting to get into alps). It was specified that it needs pcb mx stabilizers but seeing also the kit with the plate, hence, maybe there also some adjustments I can made to alps stabilizers from matias to make it fit the plate?



No regular ALPS stabilizers will not fit on to that plate. You can still use ALPS switches, but will have to use caps like Tai-Hao’s ALPS line which uses Cherry style stabilizers for the stabilized keys. Just so you have an ideal of what your looking at here is a pic of a plate with cutouts for for genuine ALPS stabs.

Notice those tiny holes where the stabilized keys are, they are where the clip for the wire of ALPS stabs gets installed. Much, much smaller than an opening for a Cherry style stabilizer. Also here is a couple naked pic of my ALPS64 build I used a a cut down AEKII plate for.

As you can see ALPS style stabilizers are very different from Cherry style stabilizers. Also you can not interchange Costar with ALPS stabilizers even though it looks like you could from a glance. Like I said before best bet would be to find a set of modern ALPS caps that have cherry cross mounts for the stabilizer mount on each stabilized key. Tai-Hao is the only real option for that I know of other than SP’s few DSA & DCS ALPS sets. Although the Sp sets are rare & expensive. Hope this info helps you plan out your build! :metal:

Edit: Apparently I am wrong, the Matias stabilizers do look they have a bottom hook that will fit into a cutout for a Cherry style stabilizer! Now I have never used these or even seen them in person so I can’t say for sure that will work, but hopefully someone who has used them can chime in.


I see, looks like I gotta try it for myself. Thanks a lot!

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I ran Alps Throwback on Desk Candy a little while ago, and it is a PBT dye-sub keycap set with Alps switch stems and Cherry MX-style stab inserts, so it is compatible with Cherry-style PCB mount stabs. The GB closed but you could look out for sets on r/mm later or later on my website as I’ll have extras (plus we had a split spacebar kit too :+1:)


Yep!! I visit Desk Candy everyday to check if it’s available. Will definitely get this when time comes. :smile: