Will the PFU Limited Realforce R2 edition be the only way to get APC *and* Silencing out of the box?


Based on everything I’ve read only the PFU Limited R2 will get both APC + Silencing standard; Everything else will get APC or Silencing but not both.


Yes. At least that’s how it looks from the leaks. New boards are coming after August.

Maybe Europe will get both features though.


Not sure what “Limited” means in this context, but at least I know “SA” variants (silencing and APC) of the regular R2s are available in Japan. I saw a ton of different variations when I was there.

Here are a couple of TKL SA’s:


Do they have 55g domes + APC + silencing?


For those of us who are too lazy to Google it, what is APC here?


Actuation Point Changer


I don’t know for sure. Looking at this Amazon listing of the SA variants I only see 30g and 45g. Not sure if that is uniform or not, I can’t really read Japanese :slight_smile:


I don’t like the new design to be honest. It’s a good thing they got rid of the big ugly forehead from before, but they should’ve kept curvylicious approach in general. I can see what they were going for though, they’ve established a new visual designation with their Realforce RGB and now it’s the same thing with TKL. Something along the lines of Metro design, sharp and blocky. It looks like a fuckin transformer, fuck that shit.


I’m giving it until the end of this month to hear from MechanicalKeyboards.com and then I’m ordering from Japan.